Wine is a Cultural Fact – The Reasons Why the Wine Industry Will Always Endure

There’s a lot of concern about what’s going to happen to the Italian wine industry in the wake of the global pandemic. Not just the Italian industry, in fact. The global industry has been hit hard by what’s happening right now.

And it’s easy to see why.

Producers aren’t able to work on their product in the same way that they used to. And even those who keep going have seen their sales fall. High-end producers, such as those who make Barolo, have reported decreases of 90% in sales.

And with supporting industries all being on lockdown, this lack of sales looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

However, the Italian wine industry will endure. And the same goes for the industry on a global scale.


Because wine is part of global culture. For thousands of years, people have consumed wine for any number of reasons. From ceremonial to religious to social, wine, along with other forms of alcohol, has been a part of the social makeup for as long as we’ve known how to make it.

The industry will ensure because it’s part of our culture. And we want to dig into why we’re so confident that the Italian wine industry will land on its feet.

Reason #1 – COVID-19 is a Temporary Setback

Yes, it feels like the pandemic encompasses everything right now. If you turn on the news, all you see are the latest updates about what the world’s governments are doing about it. Even coming the Xtrawine blog will see you reading articles about COVID-19.

It’s almost impossible to think of a time before this virus was a part of the global makeup.

But it’s crucial that we do.

It’s crucial that we remember that COVID-19 isn’t a permanent thing. It’s only arisen over the last few months and scientists the world over are working constantly to solve the challenge. Eventually, somebody will make a breakthrough. We’ll receive a vaccine and have better testing in place.

There will be a world after COVID-19. And as hard as it may be to fathom, that world will return to normal. People will still love wine after this is all said and done. And that means that for as hard as the industry’s being hit right now, it will recover when this is all over.

But what about future pandemics?

Right now, we’re all learning as we go. But if another pandemic were to strike in the future, we now have measures in place. We’re better prepared for the future due to what’s happening at this moment in time.

Reason #2 – Nothing is Quite Like Wine

We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve sampled more than a few alcoholic beverages in our time. We’re sure that you’re the same. Sometimes, you’d rather have an ice cold beer than a glass of Italian wine.

As we often say…variety is the spice of life.

But there’s a reason why certain types of alcoholic drinks maintain their popularity for centuries.

And in the case of wine, it’s that there’s nothing quite like it.

Wine stands apart from other types of alcohol due to so many reasons. There’s the variety of drinks that all fall under this umbrella. There’s the deep and proud history of the many producers who make our favourite drinks. Wine also tastes unlike any other type of drink that you can find and it offers a level of complexity that makes it an absolute joy for the tastebuds.

The point we’re making is that there will always be a place for wine in the world because there’s nothing else quite like it.

That’s why drinking wine has endured for thousands of years. It’s why ancient civilisations had gods dedicated to wine.

It’s so much more than a simple drink. The wine industry has a deep-rooted culture that is impossible to uproot. Even if what’s happening right now led to the collapse of every major producer in the country, it still wouldn’t be the end for wine.

Somebody, somewhere, would keep making it. 

Reason #3 – It Influences Culinary Culture

What’s the first thing that you think when you’re preparing a new meal?

If you’re anything like us, it’s “What wine would go well with this?”

This is another thing that sets wine apart from so many other beverages. It’s not just something that you consume as a standalone drink. For many, the true joy of wine comes from the many things that you can combine it with. Beyond its own history, wine is indelibly part of the foodie culture as well.

In our eyes, that makes it essential.

It’s why almost every wine listing that you’ll see recommends foods that you should pair the wine with. It’s why most restaurant menus recommend wine pairings for their bets dishes.

Wine and food are linked in a deeper way than many people realise. And that means wine has as much influence on the culinary culture as it does on its own.

People are never not going to need food.

And for as long as people want to try new and interesting things, there will be room for new and exciting wine pairings.

Reason #4 – There’s Passion Poured Into Every Glass of Wine

Last, but certainly not least, we can never underestimate the passion that wine producers pour into their work.

These are people who take amazing pride in what they achieve with their wines. They’re people who have a respect for history and a desire to make their marks on the world through their passion.

Nothing that has so much love fuelling it could stay down for long.

While the Italian wine industry may be hurting right now, this isn’t the first time that it’s been down. Producers have endured countless wars. They’ve endured diseases that ravaged their crops.

But through their passion, they always pulled through.

That passion is as much a part of the wine culture as anything else. And we’re sure that it’s this passion that will see the global wine industry recover in the wake of COVID-19.



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