The Post-Pandemic Diet – What Should You Eat More of During and After COVID-19?

Let’s be honest…

All of this talk about the global pandemic has many people feeling down. We know that we’re sick and tired of hearing about it every day. And we admit that we’re probably not helping matters with this very blog.

So how about we change that?

How about we look at some of the positive aspects that will come out of this crisis when it’s finally over.

For example, how many of you have made major changes to your diet in the wake of COVID-19? With restaurants closed, millions of people are discovering the joys of cooking at home. And whether they realise it or not, they’re likely eating more healthily than they have done in a long time.

Maybe that’s something that you can continue when this is all over?

To help you along, we’ve prepared a list of some staples that should become a permanent part of your post-pandemic diet.

Staple #1 – Italian Wine

You knew that we were going to slot it in somewhere so we may as well kick off the list with it.

Italian wine is one of the essentials of the post-pandemic diet. Now, you may think that’s because a few glasses of the stuff makes you tipsy, which means you’re more cheerful.

And we admit that we quite like that effect too!

But the reason why you should drink more wine is that it has a direct and positive effect on your health. We’ve spoken about this before in numerous blog posts so we won’t go on about it too much here. However, Italian wine, especially red wine, is great for your heart, your mind, and can even combat the signs of ageing.

Of course, the caveat here is that you must drink in moderation. Too much of a good thing can eventually turn bad. But a glass of wine per day going forward will definitely help you to maintain your health after the pandemic.

Staple #2 – Pasta

How many of you have eaten more pasta than you ever thought possible during this pandemic?

The stuff’s flying of supermarket shelves for very good reasons. Pasta fills you up, is perfect for combining with any number of healthy goods, and it lasts a long time. It’s also much healthier than a lot of the processed foods out there, despite being just as easy to cook.

Pasta will be a staple of the post-pandemic diet for all of these reasons.

But what you may not realise is that pasta has several health benefits too. For one, it’s a great source of healthy carbohydrates. Your body needs carbs to maintain high energy levels. With pasta, you’re getting the complex carbohydrates that lead to a slow release of energy, rather than the quick rushes you get with simple carbs.

Pasta is also very low in sodium and it’s cholesterol-free. This makes it one of the healthiest staple foods for a post-pandemic diet.

Staple #3 – Rice

It can feel like rice and pasta go hand-in-hand.

Yet another staple that’s a source of healthy carbs, rice is easy to prepare and gives you that long-term energy boost that you’re looking for. Again, it’s a much better source of carbs than the processed stuff that you’ll find lining supermarket shelves.

And much like pasta, it’s easy to combine rice with so many different foods. This means that it will always be a part of a balanced diet.

Of course, brown rice is the healthiest of the options. As it’s a wholegrain, it comes loaded with fibre, which your body needs to regulate your digestive system. Brown rice also comes loaded with other essential minerals that your body needs, including manganese, magnesium, and a host of B vitamins.

It’s even a great source of protein, which your body needs for the development and maintenance of your muscles.

There are also studies that suggest the brown rice is good for your heart. And other studies suggest that it’s great for weight loss due to the fact that a single portion is filling without being loaded with calories.

If you don’t want to make pasta a staple food, rice may just be the perfect replacement.

Staple #4 – Cheeses

We already know what you’re thinking…


More reasons to have wine and cheese nights! And we’re not going to deny you that pleasure. Cheese is another amazing staple that you can eat on its own or combine with pasta. 

And it has plenty of health benefits that make it perfect for your post-pandemic diet.

Like rice, cheese is an amazing source of protein. It’s also loaded with the healthy fats that your body needs to function correctly. Don’t buy into the idea that no fats are any good. The fats found in foods like cheese and oily fish are absolutely essential to your body and brain.

Cheese also contains plenty of calcium, which means it’s great for growing bones. It’s also one of the richest sources of Vitamin A that you can find. Add to that the fact that cheese contains zinc, riboflavin, and phosphorous and you have a veritable superfood.

Cheese also contains something called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Plenty of studies have been completed on this specific acid and the results show us how important cheese is. These studies link CLA to weight loss, reduced inflammation, and a lowered risk of heart disease.

The Final Word

Okay…you got us.

The three staples that we’ve talked about here are all common parts of the Italian diet. But as we’ve shown you here, there’s a very good reason for that. Cheese, pasta, and rice are all foods that come loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients. They’re also goods that you can combine with other healthy foods to create some tasty dishes.

And then there’s Italian wine. 

As long as you drink regularly and in moderation, you’ll enjoy a host of health benefits thanks to wine. Make each of these foods a staple after the pandemic and you’ll be happier and healthier.



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