Lugana: A Historic Wine Aiming for the Future

Lugana DOC is one of Italy’s most fascinating and historic denominations of origin. Straddling Lombardy and Veneto, it extends between the provinces of Brescia and Verona, embracing the southern shores of Lake Garda. The denomination “Lugana” derives from the ancient Latin toponym “Lucus,” meaning sacred wood, a testament to the dense forests that once covered this area. Its winemaking history dates back to Roman times, who recognized the exceptional value of this land for vine cultivation.

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Turbiana: The Protagonist of Lugana

The undisputed protagonist of Lugana is the Turbiana grape, also known as Trebbiano di Lugana. This native grape variety stands out for its extraordinary ability to adapt to the local terroir. The soil in the area is rich in calcareous clay, a residue from the glaciations that affected the territory thousands of years ago. This type of soil, combined with the mild microclimate of Lake Garda, gives the Turbiana grape unique characteristics: notable acidity, minerality, and good structure, allowing for the production of long-lasting wines.

A Great Evolutionary Potential

In recent years, the Lugana denomination has seen remarkable development in terms of both quality and popularity. Skilled producers like Cà Maiol are successfully combining traditional viticulture techniques with the most modern winemaking practices. This balance allows the potential of the Turbiana grape to be fully expressed, preserving its typicality and improving its quality.

In addition to the classic Lugana, known for its freshness and versatility, producers are exploring new types of wine, such as Lugana Superiore, Riserva, and Spumante. These variants demonstrate how Turbiana can give rise to complex, structured wines suitable for aging.

Lugana Superiore

One of the most interesting examples of Lugana Superiore is Molin di Cà Maiol. To produce it, an aging treatment of at least one year after the harvest is necessary. It has a more golden color and a notable aroma that distinctly recalls wild herbs, citrus fruits and spices. It is elegant and well-structured on the palate.

Lugana Riserva

Lugana Riserva undergoes a 24-month aging treatment, presenting the same characteristics as the Superiore but much more accentuated both in color and taste. The Lugana Riserva Fabio Contado by Cà Maiol has a bouquet of ripe yellow-fleshed fruit, candied citrus, and evident balsamic nuances that make it surprisingly elegant.

Late Harvest

Late Harvest Lugana represents a separate category: as the name suggests, the grapes are left to mature long on the vine and harvested in late autumn. This process gives the wine a denser appearance, a slightly sweet flavor contrasted by the right acidity.


The sparkling version closes the circle with its fragrant notes and fine perlage, and the sparkling process can be carried out using either the Charmat Method or the Classic Method.

Lugana represents a dynamic and continuously evolving denomination. The combination of a unique native grape, an exceptional terroir, and a community of passionate and innovative producers is bringing these wines to new levels of excellence. With growing attention to sustainability and the ability to adapt to the needs of the global market, Lugana is set to consolidate its position among Italian and international wine excellences. Whether it’s a young and fresh Lugana or a complex and structured Riserva, the wines of this denomination offer a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.


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