Life in the Vineyard: beginning a great year

Discover what happens in the vineyard in March and how wine producers prepare for a great vintage of wine.

In this blog post, we will explore what happens to the vineyard in March and how winemakers prepare for a successful year of winemaking.

March is an important month for winemakers as it marks the beginning of the growing season in vineyards across the world. During this month, winemakers put in a lot of effort to prepare the vines for what they hope will be a fantastic year of wine production.

Life in the Vineyard
Life in the Vineyard


One of the first things that winemakers do in March is pruning the vines. Pruning is a delicate process that involves removing the previous year’s growth and leaving only a few healthy buds on each vine. Pruning is essential as it helps the vines to grow healthily and produce high-quality grapes. Winemakers must take great care when pruning the vines to ensure that they don’t cut too much or too little.

Life in the Vineyard
Life in the Vineyard: Pruning

Protecting the vines from frost

Another crucial step in March is protecting the vines from frost. A sudden drop in temperature or frost can be harmful to the buds and flowers that emerge during bud break. Winemakers use various methods to protect the vines, including heaters, wind machines, and sprinkler systems. These measures help to keep the air circulating, preventing frost damage to the vines.

Fertilising the soil

As the vines start to grow, winemakers begin fertilising the soil. They apply organic fertilisers and nutrients to the soil to help the vines grow strong and healthy. This process is essential as it ensures that the soil has the right balance of nutrients to provide the vines with everything they need.

Life in the Vineyard
Life in the Vineyard: Fertilising the soil

Training the vines

Finally, winemakers start training the vines. They guide the new growth along wires and trellises to ensure that the vines grow in the right direction and that the grapes receive enough sunlight and air circulation. This process requires a keen eye and years of experience. Training the vines is an essential part of the winemaking process as it ensures that the grapes grow evenly and are of the highest quality.

In conclusion, March is a crucial month for winemakers as they prepare for the upcoming growing season. By pruning, protecting, fertilising, and training the vines, winemakers ensure that they produce high-quality grapes that will form the basis for a great year of wine production.

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