Vinotherapy: wine as a skincare ingredient

The MSC Cruises company has devised a series of treatments called Vinotherapy, using the varied potential of the wine.
Today, skincare represents a crucial point for everyone’s well-being. In short, to improve our skincare health, we need to modify certain daily habits, starting with strictly dietary ones. Therefore, one ingredient we should never deprive ourselves of in our diet is grapes, which are ideal for reactivating the skin’s mechanisms. In addition, grapes represent a true natural antioxidant.

The Results

As we know, grapes bring several benefits to the body. As a result, they are also primarily used in cosmetics for skincare. Just to name a few brands, The Lajatica brand has created a luxury range of face and body treatments made with natural grape extracts and blended with Tuscan herbs and essential oils. Produced by Bocelli Wines, the winery is a family-run business in Tuscany where the vineyard is currently managed by Alberto Bocelli, brother of the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The cosmetics in question, featuring exclusive enocosmetics packages, first emerged on board the MSC Seaside cruise ship at the MSC Aurea Spa. From traditional massages to baths and exfoliation, reinforcing the elasticity and increased hydration of the skin, thus promoting microcirculation: these are the unique features of the Vinotherapy treatments.


For example, one of the treatments is the Cabernet Stimulating Body Treatment, an anti-cellulite treatment that is very useful for stimulating circulation and reducing the unesthetic orange peel effect. How can we achieve this? The results occur following the use of a Cabernet grape mousse enriched with extracts of rosemary and oak.

Another treatment is the Mediterranean Citrus Body Massage, a body treatment with Mediterranean citrus fruits. It relieves tension and nourishes the skin, made with grape seed, citrus extract, and rosemary. Moreover, we can mention the Sangiovese Age-Defying Facial, which combats the first signs of ageing. The Pinot Grigio Skin-Brightening Facial, on the other hand, provides a lightening effect and immediately firmer, softer, and more elastic skin.

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