The Reasons Why You Need the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper

A tear starts to fall as you watch that last half of your beautiful bottle of Italian wine drain down the sink.

If only you’d caught it sooner.

If only you’re remember that you had that half-finished bottle waiting for you. Just that one little spark of memory would have allowed you to enjoy the rest of your wine. But now, a week has passed and the wine has lost everything that made it so special. You certainly can’t drink it anymore, so you’re forced to dispose of it.

Okay, so we’re being a tad dramatic here. We imagine there aren’t too many people shedding tears over wasted wine (we hope). But we’re also sure that there are many people out there who understand the pain of being forced to dispose of wine because they didn’t finish the bottle in time.

We’ve all been the victims of the oxidation that spoils wine over time. And no matter what you do, that spoilage happens. Storing the wine in the fridge doesn’t stop it. Neither does screwing the cap back on or forcing the cork back into the bottle’s neck.

Oxidation cannot be stopped once it starts.

But it can be slowed down in a way that none of the methods we just mentioned can manage.


By using a wine stopper. With a good wine stopper, you’re able to remove all of the oxygen out of a bottle of wine while also preventing any more oxygen from getting in.

That’s exactly what the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper does. And in this article, we’re going to explain why you need this special accessory in your life.

Reason #1 – Preserving the Taste of Your Italian Wine

To demonstrate why this wine stopper is so essential, we must first explain what happens during oxidation.

When you first open a bottle of wine, oxygen is the wine’s best friend. It allows the wine to release its full array of flavours, which is why so many people decant their wines before serving. An hour of exposure to the air brings out the full character of the wine, allowing it to be enjoyed on a deeper level.

Unfortunately, these improvements only last so long.

Eventually, the chemical reactions occurring between the wine and oxygen move in the opposite direction. Instead of improving the quality of the wine, the oxygen ruins it, causing it to take on the taste and texture of vinegar. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent this process by screwing a cap back on or re-placing a cork. After all, you’re just trapping oxygen inside the bottle when you do that.

But with the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper, you remove all of the oxygen.

As soon as you place it on top of your Italian wine bottle, this stopper pulls all of the air out to create a vacuum inside. Thus, this stopper preserves the taste of your wine for longer, allowing you to enjoy it over a week after you first open it.

Reason #2 – Preserving the Aroma

It’s not just the flavour of your Italian wine that suffers if you leave it too long after opening. Everything that’s happening to the wine as a result of the reactions going on with oxygen also means the aroma gets affected.

If you want to test this yourself, just take a whiff of a wine that’s gone off.

You’ll likely notice some heavy acidity and that the wine no longer displays any of its previous notes.

So, in addition to preserving flavour, this wine stopper also preserves the aroma so you can continue to enjoy a full sensory experience.

Reason #3 – No More Broken Corks

Have you ever tried to force a cork back into a bottle of wine?

It’s tough going, isn’t it? The cork has already expanded after being pulled out. As you try to force it back in, you may end up breaking the cork. And if that happens and fragments of the cork get into your Italian wine, that’s the wine ruined. Even if you get the cork back in successfully, you may find that the cork still allows oxygen in if you’d pierced it with a corkscrew to get it out.

The Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper solves all of these problems.

It secures easily to the top of your wine bottle, with no need to try and force it in place. Best of all, nothing will break off it, which means your wine is protected from the dreaded broken cork problem.

Reason #4 – Allows Vertical Wine Bottle Storage

With the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper, it is recommended that you store your wine vertically when the stopper is in use. This is a good thing for anybody who doesn’t like to store wines horizontally, as well as those who simply don’t have the space.

Reason #5 – No More Acetic Acid

One of the by-products of the oxidation of wine is something called acetic acid. It’s this acid that creates the vinegar-like taste of a wine that has spoiled. As such, avoiding the production of this acid is a must for any wine stopper.

The Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper has a unique internal mechanism that ensures no acetic acid is produced while it is fitted. The stopper prevents all oxygen from getting into the bottle, meaning there is nothing there for the wine to convert into this dreadful acid.

The Final Word

Why should you invest in the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper.

In a word – preservation.

This wine stopper offers you an easy way to reseal your bottle of wine. But it does much more than that. It also removes oxygen from the bottle while preventing any oxygen from getting inside. And by doing that, it preserves your wine by preventing the chemical reactions that lead to wine going off.

The result?

Your Italian wines can last for about a week longer than they otherwise would.

That means you get to enjoy your wines for longer without being forced to drink a whole bottle just to ensure none of it goes to waste. If you want to find out more, you can find the Pulltex Tappo AntiOx Stopper by clicking here


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