The Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew Review

No matter how much you twist, pull, and yank at it, the cork just won’t come out! What on Earth did the producers of this Italian wine do to achieve such a snug fit? Did they superglue the cork to the bottle? Why won’t it come out?

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, you hear that familiar pop and the cork is in your hands.

You feel bruised and tired from your epic battle with the bottle. You pour your glass of wine and relax, nursing your aching hand as you drink.

Then, you think to yourself…

“This is the 21st century. Surely there has to be an easier way to remove corks than using the same types of corkscrews we’ve been using for centuries?”

And as it turns out, you’re right!

There is an easier way if you have the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew.

In this article, we’re going to give you the basic rundown of what this corkscrew is and how it’s different from your standard corkscrew. Then, we’re going to give you all of the reasons why you need to have this corkscrew in your wine cabinet.

What is the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew?

As the name clearly states, this is an electric corkscrew.

But what is that?

An electric corkscrew uses the power of electricity to automate the cork removal process. That means you’re no longer the person yanking away at a cork in a desperate attempt to get into your bottle of wine. Instead, you just attach your corkscrew, activate it, and allow it to do all of the hard work for you.

Sounds simple, right?

It’s certainly going to save a lot of wrist strain if you get your hands on one. But now, you’re probably asking yourself if it’s really worth investing in an electronic corkscrew when you could just bite the bullet and do it yourself.

We’re going to tell you why you need an electric corkscrew.

Reason #1 – More Consistent Cork Removal

Have you ever struggled so much with a cork that the thing just broke apart from all of your twisting, rather than popping out like it’s supposed to?

It’s a heartbreaking experience. You watch helplessly as pieces of the cork fall into the wine. Sure, you can still drink the wine. But its entire character is tainted by the taste of the cork. And there’s no point trying to preserve the wine after drinking some of it because that cork will ruin it.

This isn’t a problem with the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew. Its automated nature means that achieves consistent cork removal at all times. You don’t need to worry about messing anything up or breaking your corks.

Reason #2 – Plenty of Uses Per Charge

The Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew is a portable electric corkscrew, which means you don’t have to keep it plugged into the mains to use it. Just plug it in, charge it up, and then remove it again. Now, you have a corkscrew that’s ready to use anywhere, even at a friend’s house.

It also has plenty of juice in the tank. A single charge allows you to uncork 30 bottles of Italian wine, meaning you can get through a good few months of bottles before you need to plug your corkscrew back in.

Reason #3 – It’s Super Fast

About seven seconds.

That’s how long you’ll need to wait for the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew to do its thing. In seven seconds or less, you’ll hear that familiar popping of the cork and be ready to enjoy your Italian wine.

Compare that to the minutes you might spend struggling with a stubborn cork and you can easily see that the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew is much faster. Even when your cork comes out easily, you’ll likely still spend more than seven seconds unwrapping the foil and messing around with the cork.

Speaking of foil…

Reason #4 – Automated Foil Removal

Pulling the foil off a bottle of Italian wine isn’t a hardship. It takes a couple of seconds to do if you’re uncorking manual. Still, the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew has a built-in foil removal system that removes the foil and then pops the cork all in one action, which just makes the whole process much easier.

As an added bonus, the foil removal part of the corkscrew also doubles as a stand, allowing you to prop up the electric corkscrew practically anywhere in the kitchen.

Reason #5 – The Lightweight Design

There’s no point in having an electric corkscrew if foisting the thing on top of your bottle of wine is as difficult as removing a cork manually. If the corkscrew is too heavy, you also have to take care when using it to ensure it doesn’t damage the wine bottle when in operation.

The makers of the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew have solved that problem by using lightweight carbon in the construction of their device. This corkscrew feels as light as a feather, meaning you don’t have to struggle just to pick it up and use it.

Reason #6 – Two-Button Operation

Are you worried about an electric corkscrew overcomplicating a simple process?

You don’t have to!

The Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew is very simple to use. Just place it on top of your bottle of Italian wine and press the lowest button. The corkscrew’s spiral enters the cork and pulls it up.

Then, press the up button and the corkscrew yanks the cork out of the bottle.

That’s it.

Just remove the cork from the screw and you’re all done.

The Final Word

An electric corkscrew may not seem like the most vital accessory to have in your kitchen. But if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to remove a persistent cork, this is an amazing tool to have. Likewise, if you want to ensure the consistent safe removal of corks whenever you open a bottle of wine, the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew will give that to you.

All you need to know now is where you can get your hands on one.

The good news is that you can find the Pulltex Monza Electric Corkscrew in the Xtrawine store. Just click here and you’ll have a compact and powerful electric corkscrew in no time.


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