On a Road to Weight Loss: Here is How Wine Can Help

If you were to get yourself a fine bottle of fine, it could act as a replacement for a wide range of stuff; a nice dessert, Friday night plants, or even a therapist. But did you know that certain studies have concluded that cardio is on that list as well? Women in reasonably good health that drink a regular glass of wine on a daily basis are actually far less likely to become overweight as the years go on. This was determined by a Harvard study in 2011, conducted on more than 15,000 women. But is this really true, and how much can wine help with weight loss? We’ll explore it all in detail here.

Previous Studies

People who are true wine aficionados have perhaps heard of one of the most amazing compounds found in wine – resveratrol. This chemical is a polyphenol that is contained in the grapes’ skin. And this represents a powerful antioxidant; one that’s known to mobilize fat and lower the rate of triglyceride accumulation in both humans and mice. Some studies also indicate it’s important for the long-term regulation of bodily fluids; something for which people go to halotherapy could also be achieved with wine.

Heck, animal studies have shown that resveratrol could also work to make white fat into something called “beige fat”; a more benign substance that our bodies burn off more easily. Plus, polyphenol is known to suppress appetite, something that people with food issues may benefit from.

The only problem with these findings is that they largely come from studies conducted on animals. Plus, certain German researches indicate that you can’t simply take the antioxidant properties of wine by just drinking it; they claim that a specific supplement is needed to achieve the wanted results.

Lose Weight With Red Wine

Firstly, if you drink red wine in moderation, it will actually help you improve the inner workings of your blood flow; meaning that your cells will get all the nutrients they need much faster, and the oxygen they require for fat-burning as well.

On the other hand, a glass of red wine is known to increase your free testosterone levels and reduce estrogen. That’s important considering the former is required to build muscle and burn fat, while the latter is there to help retain fat. Keeping all of this in mind, red wine definitely helps you achieve an environment that’s more anabolic; speeding up your metabolism and reducing fat storage simultaneously.

While this all sounds great, there is something of a catch. Notice how we’ve mentioned a glass of wine, and drinking in moderation? That’s because there is still a certain threshold of alcohol intake, where all of the positives dissipate and you arrive in a truly troublesome territory. There, the alcohol isn’t harmless anymore – you’re in danger of becoming a binge drinker.

Red Wine Effects On Body

Generally speaking, occasional inflammatory stress (like the one you get from drinking red wine) is critical in the production of fat-burning hormones; though that’s also something you get from exercise as well. But if you leave your moderate drinking unchecked, you will be left with some very dangerous side-effects. Plus, you’ll lose all of the benefits we’ve described above as well – because your body will need to do some overtime in order to handle all of the constant stress. Thus, it will actually attempt to store more calories; making you fatter in the process.

If you go over the recommended amounts of alcohol constantly, not only will you start to gain weight; but further communication between all of the systems in your body will be disrupted. Your hormonal balance will be reduced to nothing, and your systems will constantly be strained; not a good state of body nor mind.

So, for people who are not big drinkers – know that there are other ways to get all of the nutrition that you need. If you take in a lot of vegetables and fruits, you’ll get all of the antioxidants that you want to have from a glass of wine anyway. Even without the alcohol, you will be looking at a well-optimized hormonal balance. In other words – red wine represents the biggest help with weight loss to people who already have unhealthy diets.


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