Bourgogne wines: François Martenot Brut 2020

xtraWine goes to Bourgogne with Luca Frazzoli and we review the Maison François Martenot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut 2020 from Le Grand Chais France.

Maison François Martenot

Maison François Martenot is in Vignoles, close to Beaune, in Bourgogne. It benefits from its excellent reputation and know-how, and it is historically rooted in one of the world’s most prestigious wine-growing regions: Bourgogne. The history of the Maison is very fascinating. It was created in 1859 by Léonce Bocquet, a fervent supporter of Bourgogne and its cultural heritage.

As a result, the estate grew and expanded over time, achieving international acclaim for its distinctive wines and since 2015 the winery is part of the group Les Grands Chais de France.

What makes Maison François Martenot such a remarkable wine-maker? On the one hand, the winery proposes three ranges of wine covering the region’s main appellations with nearly 100 appellations: AOP Régionales, AOP Villages, AOP Grands Crus et AOP Premiers Crus. On the other hand, the winery is so important because the wines produced by the Maison are carefully selected and blended to reflect the full spectrum of character in the Burgundy terroir.

xtraWine Reviews: François Martenot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut 2020

We have asked our loyal customer and champagne lover, Luca, to try the François Martenot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut 2020.

xw: Luca. First thing first, what did you think when we asked you to try a Cremant?

Luca: Like many, I am a Champagne lover and this Cremant is a bit of a different bubble and it was a pleasure to try it. I must say: great value for money!

xw: That is good to know. We love great wine at great prices. Tell us a bit about this Cremant.

Luca: The golden yellow colour with fine bubbles and a persistant foam makes it an incredibly inviting sparkling wine. The nose is fresh and lemony, composed of floral aromas which are released subtly. On the palate, a great freshness with floral aromas. Delicate and fine bubbles with beautiful long lasting aromas.

Cremant De Bourgogne Brut 2020 Francois Martenot

xw: Great. How would you rate this bubble?

Luca: I would definitely give an 88/100. As explained before, I think the strength of this Cremant is the fact that one can drink great sparkling wine at a good (better, great) price.

xW: Last question for you Luca. Are we still your favourites?

Luca: Of course!

Thanks to Luca for his thorough review of the Cremant. If you want to contribute, please do get in touch with our xtraWine team. We are always looking for loyal customers willing to offer an honest review of our great wines! Follow Luca’s adventures and learn all about French and Spanish wines on his instagram account @wine_not78.

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