Italian White Wines for the Summer – The Great Value Wines That You Should Buy Today

Summer is just around the corner…

Granted, it may not be the first thing that’s on your mind right now. With COVID-19 having such a dramatic impact, it’s likely that this summer will be quite unlike any that you’ve had before. In fact, it’s very possible that you won’t be able to do the things that you always enjoyed, such as inviting friends round for a drink in the garden or heading out to the pub.

But does that mean you shouldn’t look forward to summer?

Of course not!

You can still sample some amazing Italian white wines during the hotter months. And we say white wines because they truly are the best summer drinks. They’re more refreshing than reds and work perfectly for perking you up when the summer heat gets on top of you.

“But guys,” we hear you say. “Should I really spend money on Italian white wine during this pandemic?”

Your concerns are very legitimate. After all, we know that a lot of you are dealing with job uncertainty and may even have financial worries because of lockdowns and other issues. It seems like spending money on wine shouldn’t be on your mind at all.

But we don’t think that’s the case.

We think that there are plenty of summer options out there for the more frugal wine lover. And to prove it, we’re going to highlight some of the white wines that offer amazing value for money.

And of course…you can find each of these on the Xtrawine website!

Leonardo da Vinci Vitruviano Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2018

This gorgeous wine is a Pinot Grigio that hails from the Veneto region. And we know it caught your attention simply because it features the name of one of Italy’s most famous artists.

But it has a lot more to offer besides a cool name.

The wine has a beautiful straw yellow colouring, with just the slightest wisps of green. This suggests that there’s some room for ageing, though it’s obviously perfectly okay to drink it now!

The bouquet features a host of gorgeous floral notes, as well as some that bring to mind perfect summer fruits, such as ripe melon and pear. The smooth structure has a richness that makes the wine a joy to explore. And of course, it’s perfectly balanced acidity will give you the refreshing boost you need when the weather warms up.

Right now, you can grab this wine from us for just €6.31!

Ca’ di Rajo Sauvignon 2019

We go from Pinot Grigio to Sauvignon Blanc with another stunning wine that hails from the Veneto region. 

An IGT, this wine has a few qualities that you might not expect to find in comparable wines from the region. Much like the first wine on our list, it has a straw yellow colouring with some green highlights.

But it’s the bouquet that really stands out for us here. The wine offers an interesting mix of notes, which include rose, pineapple, grapefruit, and tomato leaves. There’s almost a tropical flavour here, which we think is perfect for the summer months.

Good acidity and a long aftertaste only add to the package. But we’d say this is the best choice for white wine lovers who want a little complexity to dig through.

And right now, you can get it for just €6.89 from us!

Riondo Soave 2018

Right now, this is the cheapest Italian white wine on the Xtrawine website. But don’t for a second think that cheap means terrible in this case. Our team of wine lovers gave this wine a rating of 87, and with good reason.

The Riondo Soave 2018 is yet another wine from Veneto (the region clearly has a thing for cost-effective white wines) and it carries the DOC Soave certification. That right there is an indication of its quality, in case you’re worried about the price.

The exotic fruits in the bouquet are the main reason we’ve selected this wine for the list. Much like the Ca’ di Rajo Sauvignon 2019, these fruits have an almost tropical feel that’s perfect for summer. Only in this case, the notes are tempered but white flower notes, again giving you that unmistakable smell of summer when you drink it.

The pleasant acidity is counterbalanced by a natural acidity, which means this wine has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

And at €4.23, there is no Italian white wine on our website that offers you a better bargain for the summer!

La Vis Chardonnay 2019

Seeing as we’ve already featured Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc in this list, it seems only fair to offer up a cost-effective Chardonnay for the upcoming summer months.

As you surely already know, Chardonnay is a French grape. However, this wine is very much an Italian standout, as it carries the DOC Trentino Chardonnay certification.

And yes, that also means that it’s the only wine on this list that doesn’t hail from the Veneto region!

The pale yellow colouring showcases just the merest hints of green, which shows that this is a wine that could age until next year, if you wanted.

As for the bouquet, it’s yet another that features the fruity notes that we’ve all come to associate with summer. In this case, that means a mixture of pineapple and green apples, which lends the wine a zesty citrus taste that’s ideal for summer.

With a well-balanced flavour and persistent aftertaste, this is the Italian white wine of choice for Chardonnay lovers on a budget.

And you can buy it today for only €6.71

The Final Word

The strangest summer in living memory doesn’t have to be a wine-free one. Even if you’re struggling with finances right now, you can surely still afford to treat yourself with any one of these Italian white wines this summer.

They represent the perfect balance between quality and cost.

But of course, we have plenty more Italian white wines in our catalogue. Have an explore today to find the one that’s right for you.



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