Feudi San Gregorio Dubl Brut Falanghina Review

We all know where our minds go whenever we hear the term “Italian sparkling wine”.

We think of Prosecco, that great competitor to Champagne that has established itself as one of the world’s most popular wines. And Prosecco has done more than enough to earn this reputation through its quality and the efforts of the many producers who specialise in the wine.

However, Prosecco is far from the only high-quality sparkling wine to emerge from Italy. In fact, there are many more that provide an interesting take on what Italy has to offer that Prosecco fans and non-fans alike should experience.

The wine we are going to profile in this review is one such example.

This wine asks the simple question of what happens when you combine the traditional Champagne method with the stories and traditions of the Italian wine industry.

The answer?

A wine of such immense quality that it deserves a place in everybody’s collection.

That wine is the Feudi San Gregorio Dubl Brut Falanghina. But before we get to our review, let’s learn a little more about the company behind the wine.

The Story

Feudi San Gregorio has a simple philosophy:

Wine is art.

The leaders of the company believe that creating a stellar bottle of wine requires the same creative process used to craft the most startling pieces of art. In both cases, the creation of something special requires talent, dedication, and passion. It requires the producer to go to great lengths to create something truly superb.

The best artists pour their hearts and souls into their work.

According to Feudi San Gregorio, great wine producers do the same.

The company believes that every bottle of wine it produces is infused with its own personality. Just as a great painting will contain subtleties that hint at a meaning that goes deeper than what is immediately apparent, so too will a great wine have notes and subtle hints of flavour that are only discovered through exploration.

It is this philosophy that also inspires Feudi San Gregorio’s unique winemaking process.

While the company follows many of the traditions that all of the great producers follow when crafting their wines, they also work closely with local and international artists. By cultivating relationships with these bastions of creativity, the company aims to further its own creative goals, creating wines that ignite the senses and inspire deeper thought.

But let’s move beyond the philosophical and towards something more tangible – the Feudi San Gregorio winery.

Nestled in the gorgeous region of Irpinia, which is part of the Campanian Apennines, the Feudi San Gregorio exists on land that has held a strong and genuine identity for centuries. The company believes that this land is a perfect expression of the wine renaissance that southern Italy has experienced in recent years, with the culture it follows helping the world to reintroduce the world to Mediterranean flavours that have gone underappreciated for quite some time.

To achieve this lofty goal, the company’s winemakers focus on using grapes that are native to the southern regions, including the Falanghina grape used to make the gorgeous wine we will introduce you to in just a moment. This focus on local grapes belies a larger goal of investing deeply in the native land to ensure that it is appreciated for what it truly is.

In each bottle of Feudi San Gregorio, you discover a respect and dedication to the centuries-old winemaking traditions of the isle of Irpinia.

However, Feudi San Gregorio itself is not hundreds of years old.

In fact, the company was formed in 1986 as a collaboration between two Irpinian families. Both of these families call the town of Sorbo Serpico home, with the winery itself being one of the hallmarks of the small town. Since its earliest days, the company’s founders have dedicated themselves to the preservation and production of the highest quality wines, aiming to meet and exceed quality standards that few other winemakers place on themselves.

However, this respect for tradition does not mean that Feudi San Gregorio eschews innovation.

In 2004, the company opened a new winery with the goal of blending its longstanding respect for tradition with futuristic architecture and brand-new ideas. To build on the innovation the company hopes to encourage, they focused on building a winery that is very different from the traditional ones that dot the Italian countryside. This new winery became a place where people could meet, meditate, and explore. It became a workshop made for sharing ideas and blending cultures, again feeding into the Feudi San Gregorio that wine is art.

Feudi San Gregorio believes that it is in the blending of ideas that we can achieve our greatest feats.

And if any wine stands as a testament to these beliefs, it is the Feudi San Gregorio Dubl Brut Falanghina.

The Review

What do you get when you cross the traditions of the Italian wine industry with the ingenuity of the greatest Champagne producers in the world?

Feudi San Gregorio Dubl Brut Falanghina.

A collaboration between Feudi San Gregorio and the famous Champagne producer Anselme Selosse, this wine offers a perfect balance between innovation and respect for traditions.

Made using the classic Champagne method, the wine has a fine perlage that is accentuated by its stunning yellow colouring. Exploration of the bouquet reveals a fragrance that is almost like perfume in nature. Both strong and profound, this aroma will tempt you in for a taste before you even recognise the fact that you are bringing the glass to your lips.

That first sip will reveal a sparkling Italian wine that is like no other.

Beyond the refreshing notes you would expect from a wine of this type, you will discover more interesting notes of ginger, dried fruit, and dry pollen. This wine is a true artistic expression, showing what is possible when you blend ideas to create something new.

The Xtrawine team fell in love at first sip, granting the wine a stellar rating of 92/100. And for less than €15, you can discover exactly what makes this unique Italian wine one of the most interesting additions you will make to your collection in quite some time.



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