Firriato Santagostino Baglio Soria Rosso 2015 Review

Sustainability has become a hot-button topic in the Italian wine industry.

In fact, it has become a major issue all over the world. As humanity has uncovered the true impact of its actions on the planet, many have joined the call for the use of more sustainable practices to protect the planet.

Many wine companies now heed that call.

In Italy, we have seen a marked rise in the number of organic and biodynamic wines on the market. Many companies are aiming to reduce their emissions and minimise their impact on the world.

In an ideal world, these wineries would have zero impact on the world, achieving carbon neutrality in the process.

But here’s something you may not know.

The ideal is not only possible…

It has already been done!

In Firriato, we have Italy’s first every zero-impact winery. The company’s dedication to sustainability is one that it has worked towards for almost 20 years. And in this review, we’re going to examine one of the many stellar wines that the company has produced while maintaining its stellar environmental strategies.

But before we get to that, we’d like to take you on a little journey through Firriato’s sustainability journey.

From Winemaker to Zero-Impact Innovator

It all started in 2004.

It was in this year the Firriato’s leaders implemented a new corporate policy. That policy states that the company would commit to doing everything that it could to reduce its emissions. New policies included requiring employees to carpool or take public transport whenever possible. What’s more, it created a corporate policy to ensure that the company’s vehicles were all chosen from the most efficient cars on the market.

The policy was an important milestone for Firriato as it marked the first step on a journey that has resulted in it achieving something that many thought impossible.

The company made further strides over the next six years, with the acquisition of a winery on Italy’s historic Mount Etna being one of them. Again, the company committed to doing all that it could to sustain the historic land that it had purchased.

But it was in 2010 when the company’s leaders chose to take their corporate policy a step further.

It was in this year that Firriato began to do more, as the project began to turn the company into Italy’s first zero emissions company.

Again, this began with small steps.

For example, 2010 saw the introduction of the company’s “relamping” strategy, which lead to the replacement of all conventional lights with low-emission alternatives. The path to sustainability became brighter, aided by lights that had a lower impact on the planet than ever before.

In 2014, another landmark passed. Firriato became the first Italian winery to earn the crucial ISO14064 certifications. This certificate confirmed that the actions the company had taken to minimise its impact were effective and it marked the first official recognition of its efforts. The certificate also obligated the company to allow a third party to continuously monitor its actions, creating a much-needed layer of accountability to motivate its leadership and keep it on track for its goals.

2015 brought with it some new innovations.

Having done all that it could to reduce emissions in conventional manners, Firriato turned its attention to its winemaking processes. Specifically, it honed in on the weight of the bottles it used. Higher weights required more energy to transport. So, by reducing the weight of its bottles, the company could save hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of petrol and diesel being used over the long term.

Clever ideas like these became the hallmark of the company.

With its lighter bottles in place, Firriato turned its attention to its tanks. The company noted that it used a lot of hot water to wash these tanks. The hotness of the water was a necessity to ensure the tanks were clean. However, the method of heating that water up could be adapted to become more efficient. To that end, the company acquired and implemented a thermal recovery system that allowed it to recover much of the energy from its used water, which it could then use to heat up more water without the need for further emissions.

The move represented another big step on the path to sustainability.

The company was close to achieving its goal.

But it had done all that it could to reduce its emissions. So, 2019 saw a change in focus to carbon offsetting. Since that year, the company has committed to reforestation and renewable energy projects, allowing it to offset the already minimised carbon emissions it produces.

2019 also saw the company become the first Italian wine producer to hit the coveted zero emissions mark. And now, every wine that it produces is a hallmark of the dedication that Firriato’s leaders have for delivering amazing products without the need to sacrifice the planet.

One of those amazing products is the Firriato Santagostino Baglio Soria Rosso 2015.

The Review

A stunning Italian red wine, Firriato Santagostino Baglio Soria Rosso 2015 amazes with its deep ruby red colouring from the moment that you pour.

As you allow the bouquet to wash over you, notes of red fruits will immediately jump out. A gorgeous blend of cherries and strawberries lend the wine its lighter tones, with just a touch of spiciness being evident as you explore the aroma further.

Finally, it comes time for the tasting.

Warm is the word that we would use to define this wine. As the mature red fruits wash over your tongue, you will be enveloped in a sensation that feels both comfortable and reassuring. This wine feels like it wraps up in its arms before delivering a persistent finish that is both enjoyable and tempts you towards your next sip. The wine’s distinctive character was certainly not missed by the Xtrawine team, which gives the 2015 vintage of the wine a rating of 89/100. And the price of less than €12 is more than affordable for a wine that offers both quality and between 10 and 15 years of longevity



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