Why Is E-Commerce The Way To Go When Buying Wine?

Since the internet expanded to become an all-encompassing aspect of each of our daily lives, wine lovers have had much more choice in what they buy. They are no longer limited to the selections in nearby stores or specialist suppliers, instead being able to go online to find an e-commerce store that can help them to find what they want.

There are many reasons why buying your wine online is often a better idea than trying to purchase it in person, so we have decided to take a look at just a few of the reasons why you should consider making a purchase at Xtrawine today.

The Price

Perhaps the biggest advantage of purchasing anything online is that the price will almost always be lower than if you bought the same item from a physical store. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, an online store doesn’t incur the same costs that a physical one does in terms of maintaining staff or spending the money required to keep a store open. These savings are invariable passed onto the customer, allowing them to enjoy the same products that they would anyway, without having to pay marked up prices that are required in order to cover costs.

Furthermore, many online suppliers have direct access to the manufacturers of the goods that they sell, which means they don’t need to go through any middle-men to get them. Xtrawine, for example, maintains business relationships with all of the producers whose wines are featured in our online store, which means we don’t have to purchase our stock at a marked up price. Again, this means we can offer it for lower prices than a physical store.

Finally, it is also much easier for an online store to offer short-term deals and coupons in addition to long term offers. This means that by checking back regularly you may end up finding a deal that is really going to suit you and save you even more money.


Another big advantage that online stores have over their physical equivalents is the ability to offer large amounts of variety. The products that a physical store can put on display are often limited by the amount of shelf space that they have, which means you often won’t be able to see everything that the company has to offer and may end up either not making a purchase or buying something that you don’t particularly want in order to justify the trip to the store in the first place.

By contrast, an online store is only limited by the imagination of the people running it. If they want to sell a product, they can. The website itself acts as the “store front” and the products themselves can be stored in a warehouse or purchased directly from the manufacturer when an order is placed.

All of this means that an e-commerce solution allows the customer to be exposed to much more variety than they would normally have been able to enjoy when using a traditional store.


Another bonus of shopping online is the convenience that it can offer. Instead of having to get ready to go to the shops, spending time in the car or walking to the destination and then having to deal with all of the hustle and bustle that such places are usually known for, an e-commerce store offers you the opportunity to do all of you shopping from the comfort of your own home.

This means that you don’t need to make any sort of special effort to ensure that you are presentable to the outside world just to go shopping. If the mood strikes you, you can even just sit at home in your pyjamas, enjoying a nice beverage and taking your time browsing online stores until you find a product that you like. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, that product will be ordered and on its way to you in no time at all, saving you all of the time that you would have spent travelling to and from the shops. This means that more of your day is freed up so that you can do the things that you enjoy most.

Specialist Items

In addition to offering a wider variety of goods on a general level, online stores are now often one of the only places that you can locate speciality items that you may not be able to find anywhere else, or would have to wait weeks for if you ask a traditional shop owner to order the goods in for you.

This is ideal for people who are looking for a unique gift that will wow their friends, or those who simply have an item in mind that they know is difficult to find and unavailable in the stores that are local to them. The web simply offers you much more reach, allowing you to browse selections offered by companies from all over the world in the hopes of finding a speciality item that appeals to your tastes.

Price Comparisons

Another big advantage of shopping online is the ability to compare the prices that you see on the fly by simply checking out more than one e-commerce store. With traditional shopping you will be limited to very few shops if you want to compare prices in order to get the best deals. In some cases, there may only be one shop in your area that sells the product that you need, meaning you are stuck paying their prices unless you decide to go online.

With e-commerce, you will be able to browse the selections offered by a wide variety of different shops, establishing which ones are considered to be trustworthy vendors in addition to potentially finding suppliers that offer the product at a much lower price than you were expecting. It all comes down to simply offering the user much more choice, which is the aspect where online shopping excels where traditional shops are often very limited.



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