Marco Felluga and Russiz Superiore

When we look at some of the great Italian wines offered on our website, we usually place a large amount of focus on the companies that have made them. After all, without knowledge of the people behind the drink and their history in the industry, one can never truly appreciate the craft that has gone into the creation of the great wines that we make the effort to highlight.

The same is true of the wine we will look at today, though the history of the people behind it is a little different. In most cases, we look at a single distributor when examining the wines that we review. However, this week we will be examining the combined forces of two industry powerhouses who joined up to create wines that we as representative of their region as possible, with the added bonus of being of a quality that is the envy of many wine producers throughout Italy.

The History

Marco Felluga and Russiz Superiore are two wineries that have a lot of history between them, becoming well-renowned in the Collio region for the amazing quality of the wines that they produce. Russiz Superiore, in particular, is a name that has over 700 years of renown in the industry and is one that has been closely linked with the wines to come from the Collio region for many years.

In fact, the winery has enjoyed an enduring relationship with the land and wines to come from the region, though their relationship began in earnest in the latter half of the 19th century. It was then that the winery truly began to earn its reputation and stand out amongst the many others that were making wine in the region. This was also the point where Russiz Superiore began to establish a true legacy, taking advantage of the territories in the region that were best suited to the wines that they produce in the process.

Enter the Felluga family, Giovanni in particular. Following the First World War, Giovannia Felluga made the decision to move to Friuli, more specifically finding himself in the Collio region. It was here that he developed a true passion for wine and began to involve himself more fervently in the industry. It was also at this point that his path first crossed with that of Russiz Superiore, though the relationship between the two wineries was not yet established. However, despite Giovanni’s involvement in the industry at this point, the winery that holds his name had yet to be established.

That came a couple of decades later, when the passion for crafting truly stunning wines had been handed down to his son Marco, the sixth of Giovanni’s seven children. Marco had always demonstrated both an aptitude and passion for the creation of stunning wines, leading to him both following in his father’s footsteps and taking what he has started and bringing it to a whole new level.

Having trained as a young man at the school of oenology in Conegliano, Marco returned to the Collio region with a renewed sense of vigour and a knowledge of wine that surpassed even that possessed by his father. The combination of these factors, coupled with Marco’s dedication to continued innovation in the search for high quality wines, led to the formation of the company that now bears his name. Furthermore, his path once again crossed with that of Russiz Superiore and it was not long before these two famous wineries began to collaborate under the guidance of Marco.

I wasn’t long before the decision was made to bring Russiz Superiore under the Felluga banner, allowing both wineries to combine their forces in order to offer the best of what the Collio region has to offer. Together, they have achieved a balance between innovation and tradition that has resulted in the creation of some truly stunning wines, making the company a true benchmark for the entire region in the process.

Today, Marco Felluga’s some Roberto continues to walk the trail that was so confidently blazed by his father. He currently stands as the fifth generation of winemakers produced by the family and continues to strive towards both innovation and excellence in the creation of wine. Today, he heads up both the Russiz Superiore and Marco Felluga wineries, combining their forces regularly in order to craft stunning vintages that have achieved respect from many critics and wine lovers over the years.

Marco Felluga Russiz Superiore Collio Friulano 2014

As is implied by the name, this one signifies practically everything that Marco Felluga brings from the Collio region. Making use of the names of both wineries owned by the Felluga family, in addition to the name of the region of origin, this is a wine that really does know exactly where it comes from and is proud to shout those facts from the rafters.

It is with good reason to, as this 2014 Friulano is one of the best to come along for a number of years. A stunning still white that features a straw yellow colouring that is sure to captivate the eye, the Marco Felluga Russiz Superiore Collio Friulano 2014 features a quite wonderful bouquet that features a number of floral notes that make it a joy to bring to the nose.

Amongst the aromas that you will experience are almond blossom, hawthorn and camomile. However, once you search passed this notes you will also discover a vegetable-based background that is indicative of the Collio landscape.

The wine doesn’t disappoint when introduced to the palette either, offering a soft and refined taste that is as seductive as it is fresh. This is a full-bodied wine that offers a surprising depth and complexity considering it is a white wine, making it all the more surprising for people who are just looking for something that can act as a refresher following a busy day at work. It is a pleasant surprise though, and one that we encourage as many people as possible to experience as soon as they can.


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