Adami Prosecco Cartizze

With so many amazing Prosecco producers in Italy, it can be very difficult to pick just one to shine a spotlight on. After all, the quality of the wines being produced in the country is such that practically all Prosecco producers are now able to take advantage of the growth of the wine to the point where they have reputations that deserve a little bit of focus.

Still, our weekly examination of a great wine demands that we select a producer from the amazing list of companies that Xtrawine acts as a retailer for and we think we’ve found one that combines a stellar history with a truly wonderful example of the drink that is sure to whet your taste buds.

So without any further ado, here is the story of the Adami winemaking company, which will, as always, be followed by a brief review of one of the best wines it produces.

The History

The Alta Marca has long been a land that has been revered by wine lovers. The delicate whispers of nature and the stunning surroundings are home to many people, but it is the land that truly makes the area so special, serving as the reason why so many wine producers have cultivated their grapes and offered their products using the Alta Marca as their base.

The creation of wines in Alta Marca has long been documented. This is particularly the case for white wines, which have been in circulation in Italy and wider Europe since the middle ages. Records from the early 17th century talk about the wines produced here in reverent tones, noting that it was of exceptional quality and was exported in Germany, Poland, and other areas of Europe, in addition to attaining a great degree of popularity throughout Venice.

This popularity can probably be put down to the continued cultivation of the Glera grape, which is one of the most popular in the entire Italian wine industry and has been the grape of choice for producers in the region. If you happen to travel amongst the steep hills of Alta Marca, you will see rows upon rows of vines, all carrying these grapes, and they have been used in the production of white wines in the area for centuries.

That same hilly landscape can also seem intimidating at times, throwing off the impression that it may not be the best place to grow vines, however, the many producers who have graced the region know that the warm midday sun can do wonders for the vines on these hills and it is in this landscape that the story of Adami truly begins.

It was in 1920 that Abel Adami, the patriarch of the company and the grandfathers of its current owners, made the decision to purchase a beautiful natural amphitheatre vineyard. Loaded with potential, it was the ideal place for a new winemaker to start, entrenched in history yet offering plenty of potential for somebody with new ideas to come along and put his own spin on things.

Working alongside his son Adriano, who would eventually take the reins of the company, Abel worked hard to separate his vineyard from all of the others, so as to take advantage of the unique characteristics it offered.

After 13 long years, he was finally able to reap the fruits of his labours, when he presented his Riva Giardino Asciutto at the 1st Mostra Mercato dei Vini Tipici d’Italia in Siena. A reputation for quality seemed to have been built in an instant, however, without the decade and more that preceded that introduction into the Italian wine industry, it is unlikely that Adami would have gone on to stand out as one of the best producers of white wines in a region known for crafting spectacular white wines.

It was his son, Adriano, who helped to build on the reputation that was established by Abel. Focussing predominantly on Prosecco, he was able to sell consistently in local markets while slowly developing the company and its business times.

The third generation of Adamis arrived in the 1980s, bringing into the world an inherited knowledge of the great wines produced by the family, which they both bolstered later on in life by becoming qualified oenologists.

Together, Armando and Franco Adami now lead Adami through the early stages of the 21st century, combining their respect for the traditions created by their father and grandfather with new production techniques and technologies that allow them to create even better wines than ever before.

Through the use of modern production techniques and new ideas, the brothers have been able to build on the work of their own father and expand the reputation of Adami to the point where it is now one of the foremost producers of Prosecco and sparkling Italian wines in Italy.

Today, Adami produces approximately 750,000 bottles of wine every year, combining grapes cultivated on their own land with those grown by trusted growers who have been linked to the company for many years.

Now with all of that being said, let’s take a closer look at one of the best Proseccos that the company has ever produced.

Adami Prosecco Cartizze

Carrying the Adami name that has developed such a strong reputation due to the continued efforts of three generations of the family, this Prosecco stands as one of our favourites. Made entirely using the Glera grape, which is the one that the Alta Marca region has become so famous for, it is a wine that we recommend all Prosecco fans try.

Upon pouring the first glass you will notice the beautiful straw yellow colouring that indicates this is a wine that is ready for consumption and extremely refreshing.

As you bring it to the nose you will enjoy a fruity bouquet that combines apricot, apples, and pears to excellent effect. This freshness is carried over into the wine itself, where you will be able to detect all of these wonderful notes and so much more as you drink.

The most impressive feat is balancing these fruity flavours into a harmonious drink, but the Adami Prosecco Cartizze pulls it off famously. As you reach the end of the glass you will be left with a desire to sample just a little bit more and we dare say that more than a few people will succumb to the temptation.



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