It’s Time for Bargains – Four Great Discounted Italian Wines from Xtrawine

Everybody loves a bargain.

And in the world of Italian wine, a good bargain doesn’t just mean you save money. It also gives you an opportunity to experience new wines that you may just fall in love with.

At Xtrawine, we relish every opportunity that we have to introduce our customers to new wines. So, we have a ton of special promotional offers that you’ll find on our Promo page!

In this article, we’re going to look at the top four wines you’ll find on that page and explain why you should make those wines the latest additions to your collection.

Wine No. 1 – Astoria Prosecco Cartizze Arzanà Dry

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of Prosecco? And with the warm summer months still upon us, a glass of Prosecco is the perfect tonic during those lazy evenings in the garden or when you have friends around to visit.

The Astoria Prosecco Cartizze Arzanà Dry is a stellar example of this famous wine. With a fine and continuous perlage, coupled with glossy straw yellow colouring, this wine is perfect to drink immediately. However, it can be aged by up to five years if you wish.

Its fragrant bouquet contains all of the summery notes that you’d expect it to, with citrusy aromas being complemented by lighter floral notes. To the taste, the wine is full and fruity, creating a refreshing experience that is sure to tempt you in for more. All of the flavours in the wine work together perfectly, making this one of our favourite summer wines of 2022.

Our team gives it a 95/100 rating, which goes along with Bibenda’s stellar five bunches rating. If you want to find out what makes this Prosecco so special, you can find it in the Xtrawine collection for just €16.30 for a limited time only.

Buy Astoria Prosecco Cartizze Arzanà Dry – Link

Wine No. 2 – Giorgi Top Zero Pas Dosé Spumante Metodo Classico

What if you fancy something sparkling but want to try a wine that isn’t Prosecco? The Giorgi Top Zero Pas Dosé Spumante Metodo Classico has what you’re looking for. Produced in the Lombardy region, this gorgeous wine had a fine and long-lasting perlage combined with straw yellow colouring that has just a hint of gold to it. Those who want to hold off a little will love it too as the wine can be aged for up to 10 years.

Giorgi Top Zero Pas Dosé Spumante Metodo Classico has a more complex bouquet than you may be expecting from such a refreshing wine. It mixes floral and fruity notes, such as white flowers, with more refined notes of vanilla. Tasting the wine reveals its superb structure and excellent balance. This is a dry wine with plenty of personality.

Everybody who tries this wine loves it. We give it a 95/100 to go along with its 3 Bicchieri rating from Gambero Rosso and the five bunches of grapes it received from Bibenda. It’s available from Xtrawine at a low price of €21.06.

Buy Giorgi Top Zero Pas Dosé Spumante Metodo Classico – Link

Wine No. 3 – I Fabbri Chianti Classico Lamole 2019

Perhaps you’re not looking for a summery sparkling wine to refresh you. Instead, you want a taste of a true Italian classic that you can enjoy with dinner or during one of those quiet evenings alone. Enter the I Fabbri Chianti Classico Lamole 2019.

This gorgeous example of Chianti Classico can be aged up to about 10 years and requires an hour of decanting to express its true qualities. It’s a DOCG wine, which means it’s been carefully examined to ensure it offers the true qualities its region is known for. Those who are worried about manmade chemicals will also be happy to learn that this is an organic wine.

A gorgeous ruby red colouring is the first thing you’ll see when you pour yourself a glass. Bring the wine to your nose and you’ll enjoy a varied bouquet that features several red fruits. The wine is also accessible, offering a medium structure and a nice mixture of delicate red fruit notes to the taste.

The I Fabbri Chianti Classico Lamole 2019 is perfect for pairing with a range of dishes, including most meats, many kinds of cheese, and even pasta. It’s another one that our team fell in love with, as we give it a 95/100 rating. Other critics agree as the wine received the coveted 3 Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso. And it’s available right now for just €17.09.

I Fabbri Chianti Classico Lamole 2019 – Link

Wine No. 4 – Tenuta San Leonardo Vette di San Leonardo 2021

We wrap things up for our Italian white wine lovers who don’t want a spot of the bubbly. The Tenuta San Leonardo Vette di San Leonardo 2021 is a gorgeous IGT that hails from Trentino Alto Adige. It has an ageing potential of up to 10 years and is best served chilled.

The wine has a brilliant straw yellow colouring and a surprisingly articulate bouquet. Look out for notes of peach, citrus, sage, flint, and Sichuan pepper, which combine to create a surprisingly complex wine.

That’s not to say it isn’t refreshing. The Tenuta San Leonardo Vette di San Leonardo 2021 has a substantial, dry, and refreshing taste, with its icy coolness giving way to a remarkable length.

Tenuta San Leonardo Vette di San Leonardo 2021 has been acclaimed by many publications, with the 2021 vintage being just another great example. Our team gives it a 90/100 and it’s available today for just €11.38.

Tenuta San Leonardo Vette di San Leonardo 2021 – Link

The Final Word

We’ve shared just a small selection of the wines on our Promo page here. There are literally dozens more and we’re constantly mixing things up to ensure you get access to great Italian wines at low prices.

Are you ready to explore even more options?

Check out our Promo page today to find the next amazing Italian wine you can add to your collection.


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