Coronavirus Won’t Affect Your Favourite Italian Wines

We’re sure you’ve heard about the coronavirus by now.

If you haven’t, we need to ask about the rock you’ve been living under! It seems like you’re in the one place in the entire world that’s not panicking about the supposed pandemic on our hands.

And panic really is the operative word here.

It seems like there’s no escaping the craziness that the new virus has created. If you head to any local store or supermarket, you’re going to see people emptying shelves. Hand sanitiser is the first thing to go, alongside toilet roll.

We can’t really explain that last one. Perhaps people think that the coronavirus will become so widespread that we won’t ever be able to leave our homes again!

But perhaps we’re downplaying the panic here. The coronavirus is a legitimate threat that has claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 people. This is most certainly an epidemic, though the levels of panic whipped up in the media certainly makes it seem worse than it may realistically be.

Regardless, the spread of the virus may have gotten you wondering…

Will coronavirus stop me from enjoying the Italian wines that I love so much?

In this article, we’re going to look at exactly why that isn’t an issue that you need to worry about. But first, let’s look at why you may feel worried about Italian wine in the first place.

The Reasons You Might Feel Worried

While the vast majority of cases of coronavirus have occurred in China thus far, the virus has spread to a number of other countries.

Italy is one of them.

In fact, Italy has the largest numbers of coronavirus cases in Europe, which we’re sure is one of the reasons why you’re worried about Italian wines.

And more recent news may have caused you to worry even more.

In just the last couple of days, Italy has taken some of the largest measures of any country to prevent the spread of the virus. On Sunday, the Italian government took the massive step of locking down much of the country’s northern regions.

In case you don’t know, many people look at north Italy as the economic powerhouse of the entire country. This area of the country contains several notable tourist destinations, including Milan and Venice. Travel out of the region has been restricted, as has travel into the region.

And of course, northern Italy is also the home of some of Italy’s most prominent wine producers.

That’s probably going to raise even more concerns on your part.

However, we do feel that the decision to shut down an entire area of the country is perhaps a little bit extreme. That sentiment seems to be echoed by many prominent local politicians in Italy’s northern regions. They’ve pointed to the widespread issues that such a shut-down could cause, particularly in regards to the effect that they will have on the country’s economy.

But let’s bring things back round to the subject at hand.

With all of this worrying about, and Italy’s own reaction to, the coronavirus, should you start avoiding Italian wines for the time being?

The Answer Is…

A definitive no!

There are several reasons why you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cracking open your bottle of Italian wine. They include the following:

Reason #1 – Coronavirus is a Recent Thing

It’s only during the beginning of 2020 that Coronavirus has even become an issue for people to worry about.

Now, take a look at the wines on this website or at your local store. What do you notice about all of them?

Not a single one has the year 2020 on it. At the very latest, you’ll see 2019, which is long before the coronavirus struck Italy. Simply put, any wines that are currently available simply can’t be affected by the virus. The 2020 Italian wine harvest hasn’t even happened.

Reason #2 – You Don’t Have to Worry About the 2020 Batch Either

So, we can see that you don’t need to have any concerns about the Italian wines that you can see on store shelves right now.

But what about the grapes that producers are growing right now?

Surely, there’s a possibility that a producer who has the virus could pass it on through wine in some way.

That’s simply not the case.

Now, it’s possible that somebody who works at a winery could contract coronavirus. It’s also possible that they could end up passing it on to a number of their colleagues if the virus goes undetected.

However, this will have no effect on 2020’s crop of wine.

Coronavirus is very much a human condition. That means that plants can’t be carriers of it, which means it’s not going to get into your grapes!

Reason #3 – Italy’s Own Precuations

While we may look at what the Italian government has done and see it as a little extreme, there’s also another important thing that it shows us…

Italy is taking the spread of coronavirus very seriously.

The country takes it so seriously that its leaders are willing to shut down some of the most prosperous areas of the country to combat it.

The point we’re making is that Italy isn’t just sitting around and letting the virus spread. There are quarantine programs in place and people in the country are doing everything that they can to prevent the virus’ spread from getting out of hand.

Again, this means you don’t have anything to worry about as an Italian wine lover. There’s simply no way that the virus could get to you through your favourite bottle of wine!

The Final Word

Hopefully, we’ve put a few fears to rest with this article.

Coronavirus is certainly a dangerous thing and Italy has taken every precaution to prevent its spread. But at the same time, we need to be wary of mass hysteria relating to the virus.

The simple fact is that coronavirus can’t affect your Italian wines.

And that means you should feel free to place your order from the Xtrawine catalogue today!



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