“Cantine Aperte” and the Reasons to Visit

Given the illustrious nature of the Italian wine industry, it should come as no surprise to anybody that there are plenty of celebrations that crop up around the work of the amazing producers that have carried the industry on their shoulders for so many centuries.

Many of these celebrations involve the tasting of wine and pairing of it with foods, particularly local delicacies. However, of all of the things done to celebrate the industry, perhaps none are quite as important as Cantine Aperte, which offers consumers the opportunity to explore the wines they love in a lot more detail.

What Is Cantine Aperte?

Literally translated to Open Cellars, Cantine Aperte has evolved to become Italy’s most important wine tourism event. Established in 1993 and taking place during the last Sunday of May every year, the event sees the member wineries of the Movimento Turismo del Vino, which is a non-profit association that is dedicated to the continued promotion of the Italian wine industry, open their doors to visitors.

In many ways, Cantine Aperte has become the true way to experience Italian wines while also enjoying everything that the country has to offer. Some see it is as something of a philosophy, granting tourists with the opportunity to learn more about the most famous wine territories.

Because of this, the event has seen an enormous increases in interest during the almost 25 years that it has been in operation. For many, the opportunity to visit some of the most prestigious wineries in the world in the hopes of enjoying unique experiences that grant them an opportunity to enjoy their favourite wines in brand new ways is the major draw.

Cantine Aperte differs from many other wine celebrations because it involves much more than simple wine tasting. Visitors have the opportunity to try different wines right at the source and can purchase the ones they enjoy most directly from the producers who created them. Better yet, many of the Cantine Aperte participating wineries will let visitors into a few of the secrets that have been so vital in the production of their wines, speaking at length about the processes of vinification and ageing that go into the creation of their best products.

The event, at least in recent years, has found that it tends to attract younger groups of wine enthusiast and young couples, who want to immerse themselves in the wine and the amazing cultural, culinary, and artistic initiatives that surround the event. Many of these initiatives are organised by the producers themselves, lending an additional level of prestige to Cantine Aperte and helping the celebration expand throughout the entire country.

Why Should You Go?

So now that you know what it is, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you should go to a Cantine Aperte event.

See More of Italy

One of the many great things about Cantine Aperte is just how many producers are involved in the event. Winemakers from across Italy hold their own showings every May, meaning no matter where you are in Italy, you have the opportunity to see some great wines and learn even more about their productions.

For those who fall in love with the country, this widespread adoption of Cantine Aperte offers even more opportunities. You will have the chance to visit so many different regions of Italy, as the event is held every year, meaning you learn more about the culture and differing philosophies of winemakers all across the country.

Experience Great Wines

Of course, for wine lovers, the main benefit of Cantine Aperte is the fact that it offers them the opportunity to experience even more wines, often through tasting events. Winemakers want you to see what is so great about the drinks they produce, meaning many of the open cellars that you visit will offer you the opportunity to taste test new and old vintages.

This is ideal for those who love wine, as it offers them the chance to try wines that they may otherwise have not experienced. The fact that wines can be purchased directly from the cellars participating in the event also means that if you find a wine that you love, you can get it right here and then. Not only does this lend a sense of immediacy to your purchase, but it also means you may be able to avoid the mark-ups that are placed on bottles of wine by the retailers and restaurants that sell them.

Meeting New People

Meeting the amazing men and women behind the Italian wine industry is one of the greatest benefits of Cantine Aperte. Not only do you get to try the wines they produce, but you also hear directly from them as they go into more detail about the history of their work and the production techniques they use to bring the grapes they grow to you in the form of truly spectacular wines.

Better yet, because so many people visit Italy to take part in Cantine Aperte, you are almost guaranteed to meet fellow wine enthusiasts who share your passion. As such, you may conclude your visit having made friends from all over the world who can expand your knowledge of Italian wine further and help you experience more culture from across the globe.

The Tours

For those who have a deep interest in the wines they consume, perhaps the highlight of any Cantine Aperte event is the tours that are often a part of them. Most of the winemakers you encounter will offer you the opportunity to explore their vineyards and cellars, offering guided tours that really help you understand the hard work and dedication that goes into the creation of every single bottle of wine that you purchase.

These tours will shone a spotlight on the industry and help you develop an even greater understanding of what makes it tick. Better yet, vineyards tend to be located in gorgeous rural areas that are bursting with tradition and history, allowing you to see a version of Italy that many tourists will never see.




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