The Overtime Wine Festival: Everything That You Need to Know

The harvest season may be drawing to a close, but there are still plenty of festivals happening in Italy that celebrate the wonders of Italian wine.

Many of these are regional events that offer you the chance to see more of a town or city, as well as enjoying its food and wine.

Then, there are those events that offer something a little bit different from the norm.

That’s what we’re going to look at in today’s article. Here, we’re going to shine a spotlight on a little known event called the Overtime Wine Festival.

What is it?

The Overtime Wine Festival was born from the novel concept of combining the world of sport with the world of Italian wine.

Held every year since 2010, the festival celebrates those who push their bodies to the absolute limit. Better yet, it provides attendees with an opportunity to enjoy some absolutely spectacular wines.

This year, the festival takes place in the commune of Macerata between October 10thand October 14th. The festival also has a packed schedule, which we’re going to take a look at here.

October 10th

The festival kicks off with several presentations that examine the top sporting literature and films of the last year. Of particular note is the film event, which involves screenings and the handing out of awards to participants.

The day continues with several more exhibitions in the late afternoon, with the GABA.MC Young photo exhibition being the chief draw of the day.

Finally, the day will end with a performance by the Theatre of Philharmonica, which signals the start of the festival in earnest.

October 11th

The day kicks off with a conference that looks at sport in the online world and how the web has influenced sport on a global scale.

After that comes a cooking contest in which students will compete against each other for an array of prizes.

More conferences follow, with many examining the effects that radio and the written word have had on sport. The day concludes with several literary presentations that examine some of the top sporting books of the past year.

October 12th

Another book presentation kicks off the day before a special screening of the documentary Segreti di Tappa. Another films award ceremony focused on documentaries and short films will follow.

The rest of the day includes several more conferences as well as a special Tweed Ride Italia exhibition that celebrates the bicycle race that’s taken place in Macerata since the 1920s.

October 13th

The event continues with the screening of even more short films, as well as several book presentations.

However, the highlight of the day for many will be the cycling workshop that’s of particular interest to competitive cyclists.

More wine and even more book presentations will round out one of the busiest days of the festival.

October 14th

A racing and e-bike display kicks off the final day of the festival. This should give cycling lovers a chance to get a glimpse into both the present and potential future of the sport.

The rest of the day sees more cycling-centric presentations taking place in addition to a special event that looks at some important sporting photographs.

The event concludes with a final reading about some of the world’s greatest sporting enterprises, as read by Federico Buffa.

This makes for a hectic five days that’s sure to get the juices flowing for any sports enthusiasts. Through it all, you’ll have the opportunity to try some absolutely stunning wines as well as mingling with enthusiasts and sporting industry personnel alike.

A Little About Macerata

Based in the Marche region, Macerata is a small Italian commune that is home to a little over 40,000 people.

Throughout history, it has been a tactically important location due to its position on a hill that lies between the Potenza and Chienti rivers. In fact, the early town provided shelter to the Romans as they escaped the ravages of the Barbarians many hundreds of years ago. Once that threat past, the inhabitants descended from the hill and set about building Macerata into the commune that we know today.

In more recent times, the commune has developed a reputation as being one of the more welcoming in all of Italy. In particular, the commune has received recognition for its acceptance of large amounts of African migrants and its efforts to help those migrants integrate into Italian society. However, there have been some recent controversies that damage that reputation somewhat.

As well as the Overtime Festival, Macerata plays host to the annual Sferisterio Opera Festival. This takes place during the summer months and features performances of many great operas, both old and new.

Finally, the commune is also famous for the 27km pilgrimage that takes place between it and Loreto every year.

What Else is There to See?

So, let’s say you’ve decided to attend the Overtime Festival.

What else is there for you to see in this wonderful commune?

The commune plays host to a number of interesting museums, with the Musei Civici di Palazzo Buonaccorsi and the Museo della Carrozza being among the most popular. Of course, there’s the Sferisterio Opera House, which seats about 2500 people and is famous for having an orchestra pit that’s so large that musicians on one side of the pit can’t hear what musicians on the other side of the pit play.

Beyond that, it’s just a beautiful place with some absolutely stunning architecture. Of course, nature lovers will also find plenty to do thanks to its riverside location and beautiful natural hills.

The Final Word

That covers the basics of the Overtime Festival and what you can expect if you decide to visit Macerata this year. You’ll have to get in quick though, as the festival is due to take place very soon.

If you do manage to snag a place, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful presentations and beautiful wine in the heart of one of Italy’s true hidden gems.



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