Alois Lageder

Here at Xtrawine we obviously love to promote the Italian wine industry and its many virtues. After all, some of the world’s greatest vintages have hailed from Italy and millions of people across the planet enjoy the wonderful wines produced here.

However, we are also keen to not do a disservice to the many other great wines that are produced outside of Italy. Countries like France, Spain and Germany each have rich heritages of their own when it comes to the winemaking industry and they have contributed some truly great wines over the years.

In this piece we will be taking a look at one of the most famous German producers of the current era, examining their rich history in addition to taking a look at one of the vintages that truly helped them to make their name.

The History

Combing a rich family tradition with a penchant for innovation that has ensured that their wines have remained popular for almost two centuries, Alois Lageder can make an argument for being the foremost producer of high quality German white wines.

Formed in 1823, the company has been run by the family since its inception and has always maintained a reputation for quality. In recent years it has maintained this reputation through the creation of some truly remarkable, biodynamic wines that demonstrate just how much they want to show their appreciation for the land that has allowed them to make a living.

As mentioned, the roots of the company stretch all the way back in 1823, when Johann Lageder began to lay the foundations for what would eventually become one of the most recognisable names in the German wine industry. With each new generation, the company’s reputation only continued to grow and they have produced wonderful wines ever since their inception.

Today the principles of holistic thinking are foremost in the company’s mindset, with issues such as organic growth and sustainability hot-button topics not only for the family, but for the world at large as well. As such, respect for nature and the ground that has given them so much has become Alois Lageder top priority, which is why they take special care to make the most out of any land that they use and to ensure that it is properly replenished so that it can continue to yield great crops for years to come.

Working from the Alto Adige region, which offers a wide variety of soils and microclimates that allow the company to produce many different types of wine, the work in the vineyards is guided by nature. Instead of chemically enhancing their crops, the family allow nature to tell them when the best time to plant is and when they should be harvesting their crops. As such, every vineyard that comes under the control of the family is cultivated using biodynamic methodology, to show this respect for nature.

This philosophy extends far beyond their own vineyards as well, as close cooperation with contracted growers is also key to the company’s success. This is something that has been the backbone of the company since its inception, and Alois Lageder only choose to work with vintners who can offer the highest possible standards when it comes to quality and philosophy, which in turn create an atmosphere where information can be shared and the wines produced can only increase in quality.

Today, a quarter of the land that is owned by Alois Lageder or used by their contractors abides by the philosophies of biodynamic cultivation, with the company’s aim being to increase this as the years go by.

These principles have guided the company philosophy as well, with a lot of importance being placed on the patience required to ensure that the best possible yield of grapes is harvested. Careful and protective working methods ensure that only the finest of the crop is used in the production of Alois Lageder wines, with the aim being for the winemaking cellars to preserve all of the qualities that the grapes exhibit in the vineyard in an effort to bring them to the customer in their purest form.

Holistic thinking runs throughout the entire company, from their sustainable agricultural practices through to the way that they conduct their business relationships. Respect for nature and the people who they work with are cornerstones of the success of the company, which has in turn allowed them to craft some truly astonishing wines and get them out to people throughout Germany and the entire world.

As Alois Lageder himself said: “Wine is a product that offers a complex experience. It brings many different areas of life together.”

Only through harmony can these different areas of life merge to create truly great wines, which is a concept that Alois Lageder has understood for as long as he been at the head of his family’s winery.

Alois Lageder Lowengang Chardonnay 2012

While the family base still lies in Germany, the company’s commitment to quality has seen them produce a wonderful, biodynamic Chardonnay that hails from the Trentino Alto Adige region of Italy.

This beautiful drink is amongst the best biodynamic white wines on the market today and is sure to offer a treat to the sense of anybody fortunate enough to partake in it.

Featuring a straw yellow colouring that only serves to draw the drinker in, the wine has a beautiful fresh and fruity aroma, which is both delicate and captivating. On the palette you will note the smallest hints of exotic fruits, with a clean taste and refreshing nature that makes it an essential wine for those stressful days when all that you want to do is unwind.

As such, it is an ideal wine for entertaining guests, offering something light and refreshing that can be complemented by mild cheeses and other light snacks. Alternatively, the wine’s fruity flavouring can be savoured on its own, so that you can get the absolute most out of the experience. No matter how you choose to drink it, the Alois Lageder Lowengang Chardonnay 2012 is one of the best Chardonnays on the market today.



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