1701 Franciacorta

Not all winemaking companies are run in the family. In fact, in some cases it may be as simple as a person or group with a passion for creating great wines that lights the spark for a new company. These individuals enter the industry, often without the acclaim that is afforded to those who have more experience and people who have come up through the industry thanks to their family, but, if they are able to demonstrate a talent for what they do, it is entirely possible that they can create wines that stand as some of the best around.

That is exactly what happened with the wine company that we will be looking at today, as a group of enthusiastic wine lovers took over land that has been known for the creation of wine for centuries, moulding it into their own vision while making sure to respect every bit of prestige and history that the land has to offer. Here we will be looking at 1701 Franciacorta

The History

1701 Franciacorta, as we know it today, was born thanks to the adventurous spirit of a group of friends who wanted nothing more than to become involved in the wine industry. Together, this group set out to find land that represented everything they loved about the Italian wine industry, from the culture through to the quality.

They found exactly what they were looking for with Franciacorta, which is a company that has been creating wines for centuries but had started to lose its way somewhat in comparison to any of the other Italian winemakers that were established in its era.

This small group of friends and entrepreneurs entered the fold, involving themselves directly with one of the oldest and most prestigious wine companies in Italy. They had simply one aim: to re-establish the company, discovering its origins and using them in order to get people talking about the Franciacorta name again.

Helmed by brothers Federico and Silvia Stefini, the group established a formal relationship with the winemaker and quickly became the driving force behind efforts to make the 1701 Franciacorta name more well-known, not only on a domestic level but also in the worldwide market. They currently manage the entire project, including the famous cellars that contain so much history and are used in the creation of some truly fantastic wines.

Their work has seen them and their employees take over the running of more than eleven hectares of land, some of which includes some of the oldest wine property in the region. Every single inch of their land speaks to the soul, communicating a history that stretches back more than 300 years. An extraordinary, four hectare vineyards that contains some of the oldest vines used in Italian winemaking is the true centrepiece, particularly due to the fact that it is surrounded by a gorgeous, 11th century wall that demonstrates just how historically important the land is.

While the group as a whole works to the philosophy of re-establishing the name of this historic company, they also believe in the ideal of choice and a shared belief in the principles of growing vines. This is why the company has dedicated itself to growing organic and biodynamic vines, ensuring that the wines they produce are not tainted by modern, man-made products and instead communicate everything that the consumer needs to know about the land that they came from the and storied history of the region.

The brothers and their compatriots believe that this method of growing is not simply a gimmick, but is in fact a way of life. It is a way for them to get closer to the land that they cultivate on a daily basis, allowing them to offer it the respect that it deserves by ensuring it remains as healthy and sustainable as possible, so that the land can also benefit future generations.

They wish for their wines to embody the character and virtue that the land has represented for so many hundreds of years, meaning that they adopt the organic philosophy throughout the entire lifecycle of the bottle. This allows their wines to truly express their full vitality, expressing more than 300 years of history with every taste, untainted by changes made as a result of modern technology. Authenticity is key for the people behind 1701 Franciacorta, and they is exactly what you will receive when you purchase one of their bottles of wine.

The vineyard is currently used to produce a mere seven vintages of wine, allowing the company to focus much more on quality than quantity. Though further expansion is planned, with development of the cellar being a top priority, the group behind 1701 Franciacorta are dedicated to establishing their wines as some of the best in Italy. Here we will take a look at one of the seven, to see it is capable of living up to this lofty ideal.

1701 Franciacorta Brut

Of all the wines produced by the company, it may be their gorgeous sparkling Brut that stands out above all others, offering a superbly refreshing taste that allows it to stand alongside many of the other sparkling white wines that have perhaps achieved a higher degree of fame.

The wine’s straw yellow colouring hints at its structure, allowing the consumer to note that the wine appears to combine the elegance of a good Chardonnay with the character of a Pinot Noir. To the nose, you will note a wide range of scents, demonstrating a surprising level of complexity that many would not expect from a sparkling white wine. Expect to be able to detect notes of pastry and many minerals, which are indicative of the natural techniques that are used by the company in the production of its grapes.

Finally, the taste. When consumed, the wine offers a wonderfully balanced body that is high in acidity and full in flavour. The mineral notes that you will have detected from the bouquet will make an appearance in full force, allowing you to truly experience what this small group of friends have managed to achieve at 1701 Franciacorta.



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