Wine accessories from Pulltex

As any connoisseur will tell you, a wine collection is all well and good but when it comes time to serve your drinks having a good set of accessories is essential. With the right accessories you can make sure your dinner parties go off with a bang and your guests are all impressed by just how much thought you have put into making your party everything it needs to be. Plus they are, of course, always useful for everyday use.

When it comes to accessories there are few better manufacturers than Pulltex. The company has become something of a household name amongst people who enjoy a good bottle of wine, both for the quality of their products and the style they embody.

The company simply makes modern accessories for a modern era, with a futuristic style that few other companies in the field can match. If you prefer to more modern and sleek look they are the ideal accessory manufacturer for you. Here’s just a sample of what the company has to offer.

Vacuum Pumps Pulltex

One of the main problems with wine is when you decide to enjoy it in moderation and simply drink a glass from the bottle while saving the rest for later in the evening or another day. Once the bottle has been opened the wine ends up being exposed to oxygen and the wine itself becomes oxidised.

This, in turn, lowers the quality of the wine gradually. The longer the wine is left exposed after being uncorked, the worse the quality will be when you come back to take a drink.

Luckily Pulltex have you covered with their brad of vacuum covers. This handy little gadgets seal your opened bottle of wine and create a vacuum around the neck of the bottle. This ensures that oxygen can’t get into the wine and leaves it tasting as fresh as it did when you first opened the bottle. Recommended for people who like to savour their wine and keep it at the highest level of quality for the longest amount of time.

Corkscrews Pulltex

The classic corkscrew. For as long as there has been bottles of wine, the corkscrew has been our companion in the task of getting them opened. There are many different designs of corkscrew of course, depending on where in the world you are from, but they all serve the same function – to get you to your wine in the most efficient way possible.

Pulltex take things a step further with their particular corkscrew with a sleek and professional design that requires the absolute bare minimum on the part of the user. Ideal for those who are looking for a corkscrew to suit a modern kitchen, or for people who need to open a large number of bottles in a short space of time.

Glass Cleaners Pulltex

Now we all know that wine glasses can be cleaned to a serviceable level by simply washing them in the sink or, if you’re lucky, by putting them in the dishwasher. However, nine times out of ten, you’re going to be left with unsightly water marks or, in the worst case scenarios, some staining.

Pulltex’s brand of glass cleaners aims to eliminate all of those problems by providing you with a means to manually clean your glasses using flexible brush technology that outstrips simply giving the glass a wipe with a piece of cloth or shoving it in the dishwasher.

Their stylised brush ensures that every inch of the glass gets cleaned and its flexibility ensures that you don’t ever need to force it against a surface. It glides around the glass with ease until every single inch of it is sparkling clean.

This is the ideal accessory for those who like to give their glasses the more personal touch when they are washing them, especially if the glasses are fairly expensive or hold sentimental value and aren’t something that you want to be throwing around in the sink or chucking into the dishwasher.

Wine coolers Pulltex

There are few things worse for the true wine connoisseur than to sit down to a meal with a friends and a great bottle of wine, only to find that the wine has quickly adjusted to room temperature and no longer maintains the chilled freshness it had when you first pulled it out of the fridge.

Pulltex’s wine cooler ensures that your bottles of wine and champagne stay at the ideal temperature to keep them ready to serve throughout the meal. With a stylish and elegant design the coolers are perfect for the modern kitchen and are also extremely easy to use. Simply pop them in the freezer until it comes time to use them and then place your bottle inside to retain all of the coolness that keeps the wine good and fresh.

The best thing about Pulltex’s brand of accessories is that they all follow a set idea when it comes to their design methodology. This is a company that is not afraid to embrace the future and their bold design choices make a stark departure from more traditional wine accessory manufacturers.

Pulltex design accessories that are made with the modern kitchen in mind. They are constantly on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to wine accessories, holding a number of patents and inventing a number of corkscrew designs that are completely unique.

Couple that with more than twenty years of experience in the industry and you have a company that you can trust puts their heart and soul into every single accessory they make. After all, if you are truly looking to appreciate your wine and you have gone to all of the effort to make sure that you purchase the best wines to suit your tastes, doesn’t it also make sense to buy your accessories from the company that works the hardest to ensure that everything they produce works to the absolute optimum level? Pulltex’s range of accessories are the answer for the modern day connoisseur of wine.



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