Why Do Women Prefer Wine To Beer?

Recent studies have shown that women tend to lean towards drinking wine much more than they do beers, lagers and even some spirits. It is a trend that seems to be happening on both sides of the gender fence, though at a much slower rate for the guys. Men are, however, becoming increasingly open to the idea of drinking more wine, particularly in areas where beer has always been the traditional drink.

Coming back to women, we don’t want to create the fallacy that women reject beers and lagers altogether. As with most things, the alcohol that women consume is varied, though it does have the definite slant towards wine. With that in mind, we have decided to consider a few of the reasons why women, in particular, may choose to drink wine over other alcoholic beverages and we have come up with the following potential reasons.

The Choice

While there are many great bees in the world, you’re often going to find your options are fairly limited when you head to a bar or restaurant, which may lead some women to feel as though they have less choice than they would like in terms of the beers that they can choose between.

This is not usually the case with wine. Even at its most base, there will usually be a choice between red, white and sparkling wines, all of which offer something completely different to the other wines on display. Dig down deeper and you have the wines from different countries and producers, all of which have something different to offer, especially to the educated tongue. It is likely that this proliferation of choice, and the options that it offers to women in terms of being able to explore wine in more depth, is one of the many reasons that women prefer wine.

The Complexity

Alongside the vast choices that are on offer, good wines, especially those of the red variety, offer a level of complexity that can be savoured far more than that offered by other alcoholic beverages. Beer, for example, will rarely offer the same variety of flavours that can be found in a good wine. While they can certainly be distinctive, you will not find the same complexity in terms of the scent, the notes and the structure of the drink.

This complexity appeals to people of all genders, but it is likely that women find that wine is a little more refined when compared to the “rough around the edges” appeal of beer. It offers the chance to sit back and actually experience the drink, rather than just consume it, offering women the opportunity to learn more about the wine itself and develop their own particular tastes that can be satisfied by exploring the wines produced by other people in the industry.

Fewer Calories

We would be remiss to point out that, on a general level, the average glass of wine will contain far fewer calories than the average glass of beer, which is particularly important to people of all genders who are looking to maintain their figures. As such, it is likely that many women, particularly those who are looking to burn a few calories, will favour wine over beer just because they can enjoy a drink without leading to more weight being piled on.

There is also the different feeling that you get from consuming wine when compared to beer. In countries like England, where beer is serve in pints, it can be very easy to feel full after a glass or two, or at the very least experience a bloated feeling that can be a downer on the rest of the night. Wine, as a general rule, is much lighter and allows for easy consumption alongside meals and during long nights out.

The Health Benefits

We would be remiss not to mention the various health benefits that are associated with drinking wine regularly, with many experts claiming that a glass of red wine a day can be beneficial in a number of ways. Not only does it reduce the risk of a number of cardiovascular and heart conditions, but it has also been shown to reduce the signs of ageing, lower the risk of contracting various kinds of cancer, help with memory and reduce the risk of stroke.

This is as good a reason as any for people to consume more wine, not just women alone, but it is likely that there are more than a few women out there who consume wine regularly because it offers them with various health benefits that they might not be able to find anywhere else. If you are interested in what these benefits are, you can see our own article, which goes into much more depth, by clicking here.

The Taste

This all ignores the main factor in the choices made by any drinkers, which is the taste. With so much variety on offer, as mentioned earlier, there are a wealth of wonderful flavours on offer that you simply do not find with any other kind of beverage. Fruits, minerals and notes of all different flavours can be enjoyed in a single glass of wine and we are willing to bet that there are many women out there who would be more willing to give beer and other drinks a try if they tasted as good as even an average bottle of wine.

The Final Word

So these are just a few of the reasons why we think that women might be more willing to drink wine than men. However, it is a gap that is slowly decreasing, particularly in countries like the United States, where beer drinking amongst men is slowly falling in popularity and being replaced by wine. The changeover hasn’t happened just yet, as beer is still the drink of choice for the majority of men, but it seems likely that we will soon see just as many men drinking wine as women, probably for many of the same reasons as we have spoken about above.



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