De Bartoli Marsala Superiore Oro

We have taken a look at the amazing work of the D Bartoli winery in the past and we are sure that many of you have chosen to explore this wonderful producer in greater depth since we shone a spotlight on the excellent wines that they create.

Still, we also recognize that many of you are possibly new to the Xtrawine website, as people discover us every day and spend time leafing through the extensive catalogue of wines that we have created from some of the best producers in the entire world. As such, it is entirely possible that you missed our earlier piece on De Bartoli and have yet to have the pleasure of being introduced to this most passionate of winemakers and the wonderful drinks that emerge from the company.

With that in mind we thought we would take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy another tour of the company’s history, while also taking a further look at one of the wine’s that the company has built such a stellar reputation on.

The History

Marco De Bartoli has been defined as a man who is as impetuous and boisterous as the land that he tends, which should give you some idea straight away as to the indomitable spirit that he possesses and the quality that is poured into every bottle of wine that emerges from his estate. He is also a kind-hearted man who is quick to share his passion for wine with everybody that he meets. He will happily allow you to taste whatever he produces, speaking about the joy that he feels in being able to create such amazing wines. This, amongst a range of other factors, is probably the reason why his winery has been able to create such a stellar tourism industry around itself, as people visit to meet Marco himself, as well as taste the wines that the company makes.

He speaks with passion about what he perceives to be the degradation of the great wines that Sicily, the land of his forefathers, has undergone and often lays the blame squarely at the feet of producers who came before him not putting as much care as they needed to into the wines that they produce to ensure they satisfy the needs of the people and create wines that deserve to be held up alongside the many brilliant examples that Italy has to offer.

It is a passion that has driven him, and by extension, his wines towards greatness. This is not a man who is satisfied with good enough when it comes to the wines that he wants to make. Instead, he focuses all of his energy in getting the absolute most out of his lands and the fruit that it bears, with the aim of showing people that the land of Sicily deserves just as much respect as the other revered wine regions in the country.

The downfall of the Marsala grape variety had been a particular bugbear for him, so much so that his earlier efforts would not include the name for fear of the negative connotation attached to it. However, with time he embraced the challenge of bringing respect back to the name and many of the company’s current efforts wear the badge with pride, demonstrating that there is more to the grape than some of the producers that were perhaps more known for creating quantity, without focusing on quality, would have had you believe.

Located twelve kilometres from Marsala, the winery itself is just as weathered as the people who have inhabited Sicily for so long, bearing the scars of hard fought battles, both with men and the land itself. This, perhaps more than anything else, lends the wines that are produced by the company even more character, as they have been able to tame the wild lands and win the fight, resulting in the creation of wines that reinforce Sicily’s place in the world’s wine pantheon.

Today, it is the family of Marco De Bartoli who continue the work that he started. His sons, Renator and Sebastiano, continue in the great family tradition, while his daughter Josephine does exactly the same. Together the trio have worked on bringing their own ideas into the mix, allowing for the creation of new wines and renovation of the traditional cellars that had previously housed the drinks that Marco created.

With these innovations come even more amazing vintages, with the family continuing to explore a great variety of combinations of grape to create wines that are as impressive as they are experimental.

The power and kindness that Marco De Bartoli brought into life is now reflected in the work of his children and the wines that the company produces. With all of that being said, we will now look at an amazing vintage that has been able to restore a great deal of respect to the Marsala name.

De Bartoli Marsala Superiore Oro

This is a gorgeous, fortified sweet white wine that offers something completely different to many of the other drinks that have been created by this most interesting of companies.

This is truly Marco’s own Marsala Superiore, as it has cast off the shackles imposed by the opinions held by so many others about the quality of the wines produced in Sicily.

When introduced to the nose the wine offers a gorgeous bouquet that brings to mind the finest perfumes, making it a joy to experience at every level of the tasting activity. These notes will all be noticeable on the palette and the wine leaves a sweet aftertaste that makes it a wonderful drink to consume with friends.

As with all wines, the choice is yours in regards to how you choose to drink it, but many have found that it is best enjoyed as something of a dessert wine that can be complemented be savoury foods after a meal, such as biscuits. Many have also combined it with blue cheese, with the sweetness of the wine bringing out the best in the cheese.



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