Wholesale wine selling

While we obviously wish for our website to expose enthusiasts to a whole range of Italian wines that they may never otherwise have come across during the course of their daily lives, we also offer a variety of other services to various types of customers.

One of our main services is providing interested business owners with bulk orders of bottles of wines. This is particularly useful for restaurants, supermarkets and any other business that needs to buy wine wholesale so that they can sell it on to their customers.

There are a wide range of benefits to using this service, many of which we are sure will be advantageous to a wide variety of business owners.


We take pride in our ability to offer some of the greatest wines Italy has ever produced at a cost that is both reasonable and affordable. When buying wholesale these benefits are even more pronounced, as purchasing in bulk may result in some of the cost of the items being reduced.

This is because it is easier for us to ship a large volume of wine to a single destination than it is to send bottles to various destinations individually. This saving on shipping costs and administration is passed directly on to the consumer and we regularly run offers and promotions that will enable business owners to purchase wine in bulk whenever they need it at a price they can afford.


Our website aims to set the standard when it comes to offering a top quality product. Our staff are constantly researching the best Italian wine manufacturers in an effort to find vintages that our customers will adore and that further promote the Italian wine industry to the world at large.

We have wines of every type available, with a huge variety on offer. Furthermore the website’s own review section will go a step further and give you an even more detailed rundown on each of the wine’s you express an interest in. We want to ensure that you have all of the information you need available to you before you make a purchase and we guarantee that we will offer a premium level of service to all business customers.


Let’s face it, buying wholesale for physical providers can be something of a hassle. You need to establish a rapport with the provider and will often need to barter over price in an effort to get the best deals. Furthermore, if the provider doesn’t happen to provide a delivery service business owners will have to incur an expense, both in terms of time and money, to pick up the wines they need to successfully run their business.

Buying online eliminates all of these hassles. Our extensive collection of wines is easily searchable thanks to a wide array of navigational options that allow you to narrow your search dependant on what you are looking for. We also provide a simple search functionality so that if you know exactly what you’re looking for you can find it with the bare minimum of fuss.

Finally, we offer delivery on all of the items that we sell, which means that once you have made your purchase you simply need to kick back and wait until the delivery day to receive your order. This saves plenty of time that you can then use for running other aspects of the business. Leave the wine to us and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

International service

One of the main aims of our website is to make high quality Italian wines available to the largest amount of people possible. This means that we offer an international delivery service that is truly second to none and allows for buyers in many countries outside of Italy to provide their customers with a host of wines that they simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Spreading the culture and history of the great Italian wines is a true passion for us and we hope to achieve this not just through the information hosted on our website but also through our relationships with our international clients. We can provide information on popular vintages and recommendations on the wines that will truly set your customer’s world alight. Better yet, just like with our domestic services, we are able to ship in bulk for international clients.

Finding rare vintages

Our product line is constantly changing and with it comes a constant array of vintages that simply aren’t available anywhere else or are only released in limited quantities. We maintain strong relationships with a wide array of the wine suppliers in Italy, stretching from the largest and most historic wineries to the new kids on the block that are looking to take the industry forward.

This means that we have superb levels of access to all of the products these wineries produce, which in turn means that we can provide business owners with access to wines that they may never otherwise have been able to purchase. This service is especially useful for businesses that provide services for weddings and other celebrations where the attendees may expect something a little bit special to celebrate the occasion.


Last but certainly not least, buying wholesale is the perfect way to make a profit on the items you are buying. With the discounts that come with bulk purchases you will be able to offer great deals to your own business customers while also continuing to make a profit as well. It’s a cycle of cost-efficiency from which everybody benefits.

As you can see, buying wine wholesale provides an entire range of advantages, many of which are not available with single bottle purchases. We take our relationships with our business clients extremely seriously, which is why we always work hard to maintain our relationships with the finest wineries in Italy and make the effort to pass on as much information as we can to ensure that wholesale buyers have everything they need to make the purchase that is best for them.



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