Enjoying Champagne Mumm during Special Occasions

We all enjoy a special occasion. They are those moments in life where we can forget all of the drama that surrounds out everyday existences and simply enjoy the celebrations and appreciate the people who are with us. They are moments where families and friends can come together and share an experience that will often be a defining moment in a loved one’s life, or may simply be a wonderful gathering of those who are nearest and dearest.

Of course, no occasion is complete without something that can be used to mark the event and many people like to celebrate with a nice glass of champagne. There are many variants of the famous drink but perhaps one of the most precious is champagne Mumm.

Champagne Mumm is a beautiful French variant of the drink that can trace its lineage all the way back to the 12th century. This means that, for hundreds of years, it has been the drink of choice for thousands, if not millions, of people when they are celebrating a special occasion. Today the Mumm family is known as one of the largest producers of champagne in the world and their version of the drink is one of the best for celebrating practically any occasion. So when are the best times to have a snifter of Champagne Mumm? Here are a few occasions where the drink can make the perfect accompaniment to the day.


We all love a good wedding. The ceremony itself symbolises an everlasting union and is often amongst the most important day in the lives of many of the people present. For the bride and groom it symbolises their commitment to each other as they move forward with their lives. For the families it represents a union created through the love of two of their members, which is almost as important as the union that is centre stage. Even the friends of the bride and groom experience a coming together of sort and, if they are really lucky, there may even be a union or two that occurs as a result of the big day.

Of course once all of the ceremony is completed the celebration can truly begin. Special moments, such as the meal shared with family and friends, the speeches given by members of the wedding party and the first dance shared by the couple, are all further representations of the union that has been created. These celebrations can be enhanced even further with a good quality bottle of champagne (or five!). Champagne Mumm has been used as the drink of choice for weddings many times over the last 700 years and is the ideal drink to mark such a special day.


Many people speculate that the drinking of champagne in celebration of an event is related to early christenings, in which those attending would drink to symbolise the sacrifice they were making as part of the ceremony.

Over time the ceremony has evolved to become as much about the gathering of friends and family to celebrate the life of the child (in most cases) as much as it is to celebrate their entering into a religious family. Regardless of your opinions of the symbolism behind the ceremony, it can’t be denied that it is a time for celebration for all who are present.

Many families are no making it something of a tradition to enjoy a good meal following the ceremony itself and there are few other drinks that work as well as champagne for this occasion. It allows the group present to toast the new arrival in addition to providing them with the perfect accompaniment for practically any meal.


Christmas is a special time of year. Children around the world try to stay up that extra little bit later in an effort to catch a glimpse of the fabled Santa Claus and, for many, it is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and rejoice in everything that he brought to the world.

Perhaps most importantly in the modern era, Christmas is the perfect time to bring the family together and enjoy the festivities. From the gift giving through to the enormous bounty of food, Christmas is truly a joyous celebration that many people wait the entire year to enjoy.

Of course, if you have such a gathering of friends and family finally under one roof there can only be one drink that is perfect for marking the occasion and everything that it means. A good quality bottle of Champagne Mumm can be the perfect accompaniment to the main Christmas meal in addition to being the perfect drink for celebrating the coming together of the people that mean the most to us in a setting that is extra special.

New Year’s Eve

The New Year celebrations are taken very seriously in the Western world. You need only look at the television on that night to see how many people gather in places such as Times Square to ring in the next year. It is a time to look back on the year that has just passed in addition to looking forward to all of the wonderful things that the New Year has in store.

Of course, with any celebration comes a certain amount of drinking alcohol and many groups of friends and family have taken to saving a good bottle of champagne that is opened just before the clock strikes twelve and the New Year officially begins. Champagne is the perfect drink to mark any occasion and heralding the New Year is one of the most special.

There are plenty more occasions where enjoying a glass of champagne with your nearest and dearest acts as the perfect way to toast the event. There is so much joy in life and so many reasons to celebrate that we are sure that many of you will have had more than a few glasses of this wonderful drink yourselves. It is the perfect drink for those special days and nights, meaning you can’t go far wrong with a good bottle of champagne Mumm.



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