Five reasons to send the gift of wine

A good Italian wine is a great gift for almost any occasion. Not only do you get to give somebody the a small slice of the culture and elegance that the great Italian winemakers are known for, if you’re really lucky the recipient may even decide to share a little bit of the gift with you. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved!

Of course, before you head out to search for wine gifts online it’s a good idea to have a sense for what the recipient is likely to appreciate. Try to get a feel for the wines that they already enjoy so that you have something of an idea of what they might appreciate and, if they are something of a connoisseur, try to look for something that they don’t already have to ensure your gift is unique and will be appreciated.

Still unsure if it’s the right gift for you or, more importantly, for the person you’re buying for? Here’s a list of reasons why buying wine gifts online is a great idea.

New experiences

Even the most cultured wine aficionado hasn’t been able to sample every single drink that they would like. If you’re really lucky you may even be able to find a wine that they haven’t even heard of but will enjoy for many years to come.

Online wine shops offer you the opportunity to do a little bit of research before you buy, giving you information about the winemaker, the particular vintage that you’re looking at and, if you search around enough, some opinions from fellow enthusiasts that can give you a more rounded idea of what the wine has to offer.

Furthermore, a good shop will also be able to offer wines that are otherwise not available should you choose to just wander down to the shop and buy a bottle. A little bit of thought goes a long way when buying any gift, so putting some research in and finding a brand new wine for the recipient to enjoy is always going to be appreciated.


As any wine collector will be able to tell you, a bottle of wine is a great thing but having a good set of accessories can make it truly spectacular. If you know that the recipient has something of a penchant for collecting wines and is a regular host of dinner parties and other occasions where they have friends over to enjoy the experience, why not look into buying them an accessory?

This is especially useful if the recipient’s appreciation of wines is such that it goes beyond your own knowledge and leaves you uncertain of exactly what they might appreciate. Thus you can avoid the terrible social faux pas of buying a bottle of wine only to have it go unappreciated by the person receiving it.

Furthermore, a good accessory is a great way to enhance somebody’s appreciation of their drink. A huge range of items are available, including both traditional and modern corkscrews plus a range of coolers that are perfect for keeping wine at an ideal temperature throughout the course of a party. Try to find out what your friend may be missing and try to fill the gap for them.


Let’s be honest here. If you know somebody enjoys a good bottle of wine that makes it an easy choice when it comes time to purchase a gift for them. In the same way as many people have a favourite fragrance or a favourite clothing line, many people have a favourite wine and will always appreciate it when somebody adds another bottle to their collection.

Buying a good Italian wine online is extremely simple, with hundreds of variants being offered by the best websites, all of which should have ratings that signify the level of quality you can expect. Simply click and pay and you have a gift on its way to you without all of the hassle and inconvenience of having to head out to the shops and put up with the crowd.


Wine is a great gift for practically any occasion, which means that it is remarkably versatile and likely to be appreciated no matter what is being celebrated. Everything from birthdays through to weddings and christenings can be celebrated with a good bottle of wine and bring one as a gift can even help alleviate some of the expense for the person holding the celebration as it gives them something else to serve their guests in addition to whatever they already had on offer.

Of course, should the recipient be something of a wine enthusiast you can be sure that they will have used some of their best bottles to commemorate the occasion accordingly. As such, giving them a bottle that can act as a replacement for the one they have just used means that they can also enjoy a glass or two for themselves, which is always going to be appreciated.

Health benefits

This may seem like an odd point to make, especially amongst those who know that excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to various issues, but a good glass of red wine is actually believed to be good for the drinker’s health.

A number of studies have shown that those who enjoy a glass of red wine a day are believed to be less susceptible to a range of heart ailments. As such, buying somebody a bottle of red as a gift isn’t just a way of showing your appreciation for that person being in your life, it can also be a subtle way of showing them that you actually care about their health!

Of course, like all good things, the wine should be enjoyed in moderation to experience the true benefits but it’s a neat little idea to think that you are giving a gift that a person will not only be able to enjoy but will actually provide a number of medical benefits that they don’t even realise are there in the first place.


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