A Look At The Cogno Winemaker and their Fine Barolo

Those who know their wines will know that the Barolo Italian wine is one of the finest that is currently available and that it has centuries of history behind it that has influenced the wines that are made today.

There are many winemakers who make great Barolos, so we thought we could shed a spotlight on the Cogno winemaker, with a particular focus on their Cogno Barolo Bricco Pernice 2009.

Unlike many of the more renowned companies that make the wine, Cogno is something of a new entrant into the field. However, this by no means indicates a lesser quality of wine, as they have quickly gained a reputation for making superb Barolos that combine the classic traditions of the wine with new winemaking techniques.

The Elvio Cogno Winery History

Sitting atop the Bricco Ravera, which is a hill that is located near Novella in the Langhe area of the famed winemaking region of Piedmont, the Elvio Cogno winery is one of only eleven communes where Barolo is produced on a regular basis.

The winery itself is a sight to behold, with the cellar being located in an 18th century manor farm that is surrounded by vineyards for as far as the wine can see. Both the building and the surrounding area contain great beauty and are well-worthy of a visit by anyone who enjoys a truly great Italian wine.

The Elvio Cogno winery began production in earnest in 1990, when Cogno purchased the lad following a successful partnership with Marcarini at La Morra. Using what they had learned during the partnership, the Cogno family set about restoring the surrounding farmland to its former glory, which in turn would allow them to grow the grapes needed to make a truly stunning Barolo of their own.

And restore it to its former glory is exactly what the family did. Today the vineyards are truly some of the most stunning in all of Italy and are form a beautiful landscape that mixes hills and valleys with the sky in a scene that feels as though it has jumped straight out of a great watercolour painting. The view is so spectacular that the area has earned the nickname of ‘Petorchino’ – which literally translates as ‘Blue Feet’. This name is well-earned, as the farm is framed by a gorgeous turquoise horizon when the sun is setting on a clear day, once again marking it out as an area of great beauty.

Today the winery is run by Nadia Cogno and her husband Valter Fissore, who have continued the great tradition of the Cogno family in winemaking. Four generations of knowledge go into the creation of every vintage that is produced in the area, with Nadia’s father being a particularly strong influence thanks to his being the first in the family to truly strike out on his own and produce a wine that bears the Cogno name.

This has led to them becoming a name to watch out for in recent years and the brand is quickly gaining a reputation for creating truly great quality wines, with their Barolo in particular being especially revered.

The Cogno Barolo Bricco Pernice 2009

Perhaps the most famous of the Barolos produced by the company is the Cogno Barolo Bricco Pernice 2009, which is named after the love nest of the partridge and features perhaps the most interesting blend of flavours and characteristics exhibited by any of the company’s wines.

This particular vintage was the result of the many years of experience that the family holds in the winemaking industry in various capacities, combined with a number of years of work that were used to refine the formula and make it is good as possible. It was all borne from a dream to make a truly fine Barolo, which was first started by the Elvio Cogno and has now final been realised by his daughter and her husband.

This one is essentially a continuation of the work that Elvio did at La Morra, only now he and his family have the freedom to explore their wines in exactly the way that they want to and are supported by one of the most beautiful vineyards of the current era. All of this has combined to create a truly classic Barolo that can be enjoyed by everybody from wine novices through to true connoisseurs.

Aged for three years, the wine is a technical masterclass in winemaking and features a depth and softness that ensures that is stands out in a competitive field. Featuring exceptional balance that makes it a joy to taste, drinkers will note hints of gorgeous fruits, coffee and anise, alongside strong tannins that give the wine a sharp and satisfying finish. Many also believe that it improve slightly if aged in the bottle and when the air is given a little time to hit it properly, though this is as much down to personal taste as anything else.

Regardless, the wine has received rave reviews from a number of reputable publications and it is more than worthy of being sampled. We truly recommend that everybody give it a try, especially if they love Barolo.

Eat It With…

Steak – The fruity yet intriguing flavours offered by this particular Barolo make it the perfect accompaniment to a rich meat, with steak being very high on the list of potential dishes that can help you get the most out of the drink. The sharp finish means that the palette is not overwhelmed by the wine, meaning that it complements rather than overpowers the dish.

Feathered Game – Another rich meat, though this offers very different flavours to the traditional steak. Still, it is a testament to the versatility of the Barolo that it can be eaten with practically any kind of meat and still contribute well to the dish.

Mild Cheeses – A powerful cheese will only overpower a Barolo, especially one as refined as this, so it is a good idea to combine it with milder varieties that complement the fruity flavours instead.


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