What Makes Italian Wine Special?

There are many nations throughout the world that produce truly spectacular wines, but there is something special about the wines that hail from Italy. Consumers must agree, as the Italian wine industry is the largest in the world and demand for the many great vintages produced by winemakers in the country continues to rise.

So what is it that makes Italian wine so special? Here we will take a look at just a few of the factors that make the industry what it is today and examine the many reasons that people love it so much.

The History

Winemaking in Italy has played an important role in the development of the country and has been an important economic factor since the days when the Greeks and Etruscans inhabited much of the land that now makes up the country. In those days wines were produced by rarely exported very far and, for a period in the Middle Ages, the wines created in Italy were reserved almost exclusively for men of the cloth.

However, once the Renaissance happened the industry truly became a force to be recognised. In fact, some of the winemakers from that era were important movers and shakers in the political world, with their influence playing a large part in deciding the policies that local regions would adopt.

While the industry does not have the same influence today as it once did, wine is still one of Italy’s biggest exports and is extremely important to the economies of many small areas in addition to the country as a whole. Furthermore, if you have the chance to visit any region in Italy you will often have the opportunity to learn much of this history first hand. Each producer has a story to tell and they are more than happy to enlighten people about their roots and the history that goes into each bottle they produce.

The Quality

Of course, all of this history would mean little in the modern world if Italian wines did not have the quality required to make them popular on both the domestic and international levels. Domestically there will rarely ever be a problem, as Italians take great pride in their wines and are capable of recognising quality when they see it. Internationally, it is important that wines are catered to the tastes of specific areas and that the quality is such that demand for imports continues to stay at a high level.

Happily, this has never been an issue for the industry. While we may debate the quality of certain vintages when compared to others, what cannot be disputed is the level of knowledge and dedication that goes into the creation of Italian wines. There are entire fields of study dedicated to the subject and to the exploration of innovations that can be used to make the industry even better. This quality is recognised by the people who enjoy Italian wine and it is one of the many reasons that the industry has endured for so long.

The Passion

Of course, this quality could not come if the men and women producing the wines did not have the passion to craft the best possible blends from the grapes that they have available. It is this passion that leads to them tending their vineyards in such a meticulous fashion as to ensure that bad crops don’t sully the wine. Many producers will even reduce their output if they have a bad crop, just to ensure that the reputation of their wine is maintained. That demonstrates a true love for the drink and a refusal to take advantage of the brand to deliver a wine that is not of the quality that is expected.

It is also this passion that drives many of the families who work in the business forward. For many producers this is not a job. It is a lifelong pursuit that has been passed down through generations. The creation of wine is in their blood and souls, so they dedicate enormous amounts of their time to creating drinks that stay true to the history of the vintage, while also looking for ways in which the wine and the industry as a whole can be improved.

The People

The Italian wine industry would be nothing without the people. The men and women who work in the industry make everything possible and are responsible for the creation of drinks that have achieved almost legendary status over the years. Without these people there can be no passion, which is why they will always be the most important factor in the continued success of the wine industry.

This extends beyond simply those who work with wine and includes everybody that enjoys the many spectacular vintages that come from Italy every year. They are the people who take pride in their local producers and support them through thick and thin. They are the people who create new recipes to complement the drinks that they are passionate about. Simply put, they are the reason why the Italian wine industry is an industry in the first place. Any visitor to the country will soon realise just how important good wine is to the people and how much passion that they have for the subject.

The Final Word

There are many things that make the Italian wine industry special and the best way to experience them for yourself is to visit the country and get a first-hand experience of what makes it all tick. Speak to some of the locals and find out their thoughts on various types of wine that are native to their region. Visit some of the local vineyards and see everything that goes into the creation of a single bottle. It is a true passion that runs right through the heart of Italy and has informed the direction that the world of wine has taken for centuries.

Of course, the place to start your wine adventure is by finding the vintages that are right for you. Have a look around our website and you are sure to find plenty of wines that will soon become fast favourites.


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