Check Xtrawine Often For New Promotions

Here at Xtrawine we want to make sure that all of our customers get to experience the many joys of truly great Italian wine. This extends beyond gathering the finest selection of wines for you to choose from, though our professional wine tasters go to great lengths to pick wines that are of a high enough quality and offer enough variety to satisfy any palette.

It also goes beyond providing all of the information that you need to know everything about the wines that you purchase, though again we take great pride in the history of Italian wine and believe that it is extremely important to share that history and make more people aware of the history and work that goes into their favourite drinks.

Even with all of that, we still want to make more effort to ensure that you get everything that you are looking for out of your Xtrawine experience. This is why we run promotions on a regular basis that are designed with our customers in mind. Anything that we can do to make it easier for you to enjoy a fine Italian wine is a good thing in our book and, hopefully, you will end up discovering something that will become a regular part of your personal collection for years to come.

So how can the many promotions run by Xtrawine benefit you? Here are just a few reasons why you should always make the effort to find out what promotions we are running at any given time.

Cheaper Wine

Perhaps the most important part of our promotions, especially for those who are working towards a set budget, is the ability to buy truly great wines at a lower price than you would normally be able to find them for.

This is a feature of the website in general, of course. After all, we are able to offer lower prices that most traditional stores as standard. However, every so often we will select a wine that we feel deserves a little bit more attention or a wine that is proving popular amongst our visitors and run a special promotion that will enable you to buy it for less and enjoy it all the more.

Because of this, we offer you the opportunity to experience great wines that you may otherwise have never considered and we regularly offer promotions on vintages that we believe deserve your attention.

Talking about shining the spotlight on Italian wine

You Can Discover New Wines

Our promotions aren’t just designed to make sure that you can buy Great Italian wine at a lower price. We also want to be able to expose you to a whole new world of great wines that you may otherwise have never become aware of.

This is why we place a lot of thought into our promotions, particularly in regards to whether or not our customers would be interested in the wines that we promote. If we notice that a lot of our customers are favouring a particular vintage, we will often create a shortlist of great wines that said customers are likely to enjoy and create a promotion based around those wines.

Oftentimes this will result in a wine that is not receiving the recognition that we feel it deserves having the spotlight shone on it. We want you to discover even more great drinks that you have yet to experience, so part of the reason that we run promotions is so that we can promote vintages that deserve promotion in the hopes that some of our customers may discover a brand new favourite to add to their collections.

We Get Closer To You

At Xtrawine we realise that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and it is you that allows us to do what we love and promote the Italian wine industry as only we know how.

As such, we run promotions on a regular basis so that we can encourage more people to visit and interact with us. This way we can learn about you – what makes you tick and what wines and items are you most likely to find appealing.

Armed with this information we can then focus the website on delivering exactly what our customers are looking for. Our business strategy is designed to be flexible, so we are constantly adjusting what we do so that we can better provide for the needs of our customers.

As such, we often use promotional activities as something of a test run for a new product or service to find out what people think about it. The overall aim is to give you the best possible experience that we can, plus you get to benefit from a greater range of products at cheaper prices than you would otherwise be able to buy them.

Promotions Are Constantly Changing

We aren’t satisfied with simply offering a percentage discount on a single product. Instead we make the effort to change our promotions on a regular basis so that there is always something that you may find of interest.

This is particularly useful for those who may not be interested in the promotion that we are currently running, for whatever reason. Perhaps you already know that you are not a fan of the wine that is currently part of a promotion, or you simply have enough of the wine already that you can’t take advantage of the offer.

It happens all of the time and it is something that we like to take into account. As such, we will offer a range of different promotions throughout the year that we believe will appeal to the largest segment of our audience. This means that if you can’t find something to your liking today, it is always worth checking back at another time to see if our offers have changed. After all, you never know when you might be able to grab a bargain with Xtrawine, so it is always worth revisiting us to find out exactly what we have to offer.



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