Veneto and the Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico

Over the years the region of Veneto has become increasingly known for the quality of wines that are produced in the area. It is also a proud region that is well aware of its cultural history and it could be argued that said history plays a large part in the continued production of many of the wines that come from the region today.

The region itself is one of twenty throughout Italy and it plays host to a population that numbers somewhere in the region of five million people. As you can imagine that’s a lot of mouths that are looking for a high quality Italian red wine. Luckily the region is amongst the most prolific in the country and produces a host of different wines that are suitable for practically anybody’s palette.

Of all of the regions in Italy Veneto is ranked fifth in regards to how many people are living there. While wine connoisseurs will know it for the enormous amount of drinks that come from the area, general tourists will be much more familiar with its most famous city – Venice.

Venice is the capital city of the region of Veneto and is also one of the main tourist draws in all of Italy. Is sparkling network of canals, stunning architecture and vast cultural heritage has ensured that it has become a popular holiday destination for tourists and lovebirds alike. There are truly few experiences better in life than enjoying the city of Venice while drinking a gorgeous glass of one of the many wines that are created in the region.

The region also maintains a fiercely independent attitude that can be traced back through the ages. In fact the region was actually known as the Republic of Venice for more than a thousand years, back during the era when Italy was less a unified country and more a collection of independent states that operated in tandem at times and were at war in others. During that era the region was known as one of the largest trade republics in the entire world and it was this success that gave birth to the heritage of high quality wine making that it is known for to this day.

Following the Napoleonic Wars the region ended up being annexed for a brief period by Austria before eventually regaining much of its old independence during the Third Italian War of Independence. Following that it officially became a part of what was then known as the Kingdom of Italy, which eventually became the country that we all know today. Through all of that the people still retained their rich cultural heritage and even today it is not at all uncommon to hear the Venetian language spoken alongside the more common Italian tongue, especially amongst the natives.

This independence is also somewhat contrasted by the fact that the region also sees an enormous influx of immigrants, who are often attracted to the region because of its amazing history. In fact there are currently almost 500,000 people of foreign descent currently living in Veneto, and the region goes to great pains to accommodate as many people as they can and integrate them into the rich heritage of the area.

As mentioned the region is also extremely well known for the wines that it produces. Perhaps amongst the most famous of them is Prosecco, which most people will already know as a gorgeous sparkling white wine that has attained a high level of popularity throughout the world as well as in its native country.

However Prosecco isn’t the only wine the region is known for. Amongst the many vintages produced in the area are Torcolator, Recioto, Amarone, Valpolicella, Verduzzo. Vapolicella in particular has built a reputation as one of the best Italian red wines, which stands in stark contrast to the perception that the region is only known for the production of white wines.

Even in winemaking Veneto retains much of the independence that its people have become known for. It is not at all uncommon for people in the region to create their own wines which are drunk in the home and not made available for retail, though it has to be said that most proud Venetian will also happily partake in one of the many amazing vintages produced in the region.

The Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico

The Quintarelli family has garnered a reputation as a creator of amazing Italian red wines thanks in in large part to the efforts of Giuseppe Quintarelli, who spent around six decades establishing his family’s winery in the northern hills of Veneto. The making of the wine itself has remained a family tradition and today his sons maintain the legacy that Giuseppe Quintarelli worked so hard to achieve.

One of the most impressive results of this dedication was the creation of the Quintarelli Valpolicella Classico. For those who don’t know, Valpolicella is one of the top Italian red wines in the entire country, to the point where it ranks second to Chianti when it comes to the levels of production in Italy according to the country’s governing body of wine the DOC.

The Quintarelli family’s version of the wine is amongst the most sumptuous on the market today and it offers everything that you would expect from a high quality bottle of Valpolicella and much, much more. Featuring an array of complex aromas and a gorgeously rich texture that makes it a welcome addition to practically any meal, this wine is amongst the absolute best of the region and stands alongside the likes of the greatest Proseccos and Amarones in maintaining the rich heritage of the region as it pertains to wine making.

Veneto is an area of many different hats. It has a maritime tradition that is rivalled by few other places in the world, a trade tradition that at one point made it one of the richest places in Europe and today it maintains its reputation as one of the most productive areas in Italy when it comes to the production of amazing Italian wines.



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