Why Buy a Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump?

Getting good wine accessories can be a little bit of a hassle. This is especially the case when it comes to preventing the oxidation of your wine. For those who aren’t aware, oxidation is the process of oxygen contacting the wine inside the bottle, which in turn causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction alters the structure of the wine and essentially leads to it losing some its taste and, in the case of sparkling wine, also losing a good portion of its fizz.

For years winemakers and those who create wine accessories have been searching for a way to decrease the amount of oxidation that occurs when a bottle of wine is opened. Simply placing the lid back on the bottle doesn’t cut it because oxygen will have gotten into the bottle during the period when it was open for pouring. What is needed it something that can extract that oxygen straight out of the bottle so that it doesn’t lead to the wine becoming oxidised.

This led to the invention of vacuum pumps. They work by not only sealing the bottle itself but also by allowing the user to extract any oxygen that is in the bottle, essentially creating a vacuum that allows the wine to maintain as much of its natural chemical composition as possible. In this way connoisseurs can preserve their wine for a longer period, which in turn means that they get to enjoy it for much longer as well.

A number of different accessories are on the market today offering the same type of service, though some are better than others. The Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump is amongst the top vacuum pumps available to collectors today for a number of reasons.

Superior Operation

There are no two ways about it. The Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump simply des a better job of getting rid of the oxygen in a bottle than traditional pulltaps. It slows the oxidation process quite considerably, ensuring that the bottle of wine remains fresh for days on end.

This is ideal for those who like to get home, kick up their feet and relax with just a glass of wine in the evening. Rather than feeling as though they have to rush through the bottle this vacuum pump lends them the opportunity to save it over the course of the week and ensures that each time they come back to it the bottle retains its original complexion and can continue to provide them with hours of joy while drinking.

The accessory is also ideal for those who are in the restaurant trade as it allows them to pour a small amount out of a bottle for a customer before capping the bottle and keeping it in its original state for serving to other people.

Ease of Use

The Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump is exceptionally easy to use and will replace any lid or cork immediately after pouring of the wine. It really is as simple as screwing the pump onto the bottle and using it a couple of times to expel all of the air.

Beyond that there is little in the way of manual operation from the user involved and the pump works autonomously once that initial pumping has been completed and it has been placed on the bottle. In doing so it allows the drinker to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine safe in the knowledge that the bottle itself is in great hands and will be just as they left it when they return.

Preserving Aromas

There is nothing quite like opening a bottle of wine and receiving that first wave of smells that help define the experience of drinking it. As we all know, the best wines feature and array of complex aromas that that enchant the senses and play a large part in marking the bottle out as something that should be added to the regular collection or instead consigned to the scrapheap of wines that didn’t quite make the grade for that particular drinker.

The Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump not only maintains the physical integrity of the wine and ensures that it remains a joy to drink, it also allows for the various aromas associated with the drink to be fully maintained so that they can be enjoyed again and again. Remember that oxidation doesn’t just affect the liquid inside the bottle. It also affects all of the air that surrounds it. This air carries other particles that also react to oxygen that is present in the bottle. By sealing the bottle up and creating a vacuum you create the means through which the various aromas can once again “escape” when the bottle is reopened.

Easy to Clean

Of course one of the main worries when using an accessory such as this is that the accessory itself may begin to maintain aromas and splashes of wine that would then contaminate other bottles upon further use. If the pump isn’t cleaned on a regular basis this is certainly the case, which can cause just as many problems as oxidation when it comes to truly enjoying the wine.

Happily the Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump is exceptionally easy to clean and a fairly simple hand wash and dry is usually all that you need to ensure that the pump is good to go again when you need it. Be sure to pay attention to all of the details though, as you don’t want an errant splash of one wine causing issues with another.

So there you have it. Four reasons why the Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump is amongst the best wine accessories available on the market today. If you find that you are having trouble preserving your bottle of wine so that it maintains its original integrity and would like to find something that will help you enjoy your drink for longer and ensure it maintains all of its flavour then this wine accessory is the ideal choice.



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