The Zodiac Signs and Wine

We’re willing to bet that a few of the people reading this right now make it a habit to check their horoscopes on a daily basis. Everybody has a Zodiac sign, even if you don’t believe in the way they work. Of course, the signs point towards the various traits that define your personality, but they actually go much further than that. Your Zodiac sign can also give you some hints about which wines are the best for you.

So, which wines should you enjoy according to your Zodiac sign? Let’s take a look.


Capricorns are born leaders who love to try new things, so it would be easy to say that any wine is a good choice for somebody born under this sign. However, Chardonnay seems to be the wine that is best suited to a Capricorn. One of the most famous white wines in the world, Chardonnay has all of the qualities that defines a Capricorn, in particular its ability to adapt to any situation. Chardonnay goes great with any food just as a Capricorn is great with all people.


Often considered one of the most unpredictable Zodiac signs, innovation is what drives the character of many people born as an Aquarius. Naturally, that means the innovation should be a key factor in any of the wines that an Aquarius drinks. A great Tignanello really fits the bill here. One of the most innovative wines in recent wine history, Tignanello redefined the famous Chianti wine and it comes from one of the most innovative wine producers in the Antinori family.


A mellowness and warmness of character typically defines a Pisces. Plus, you’ll often find that people born under this sign lean towards the more romantic things in life. Put all of that together and there are plenty of wines that could fit the bill. We think that a Merlot makes for a perfect choice. Its full body and mellow texture make it the perfect wine to fit the mood of the average Pisces.


People born under the Aries sign tend to enjoy taking the initiative in everything they do in live. They usually have a zest for life that sees them try hard at everything they do. The perfect wine for an Aries is a Rosé. Bringing together the best of both worlds when it comes to red and white wine, Rosé is one of the most interesting forms of wine, as it is both easy to enjoy and complex, just like people born under the Aries sign.


The sign of the bull, Taurus are known for having a great love for the finer things in life and an energy that few other people can rival. It is the former personal quality that will help us choose the perfect wine for a Taurus. We think that a Red Burgundy will offer everything a Taurus is looking for. It is one of the most refined wines out there, which is why it has received so much acclaim. For a Taurus, the distinction that a Burgundy carries is the perfect fit.


The hallmark of a Gemini is the ability to get along with practically everybody. People born under this sign want to make friends with everybody and make sure that all of their friends are having a great time. So, naturally, a Gemini needs a social and popular wine and we can think of no better choice than Prosecco. The most popular sparkling white wine in the world, Prosecco is perfect for any occasion, just like a Gemini.


Emotion lies at the heart of anybody born under the sign of Cancer. They are often the first people to lend a hand to those in need and are among the most empathetic people you will find. This naturally leads to them having deep and complex emotional profiles of their own. A deep and complex wine should suit the palette of a Cancer, which is why we have chosen the Shiraz.


As you might expect from the Zodiac sign that is represented by a lion, Leos are dignified leaders who are capable of making quick decisions and getting people to follow them in those decision. So what wine works best with that? There are a few great choices but there are few wines that are as perfect for a Leo as a Bordeaux. One of the most regal and elegant wines around, the quality of a Bordeaux is a mirror of the personality of a Leo.


Refinement is the key characteristic that defines those born under the Virgo sign and you will often find that these people are keen to engage in intelligent debates about what is going on in the world around them. Naturally, this means a Virgo will enjoy a wine that is as refined as they are. We think that a Pinot Noir suits the bill quite nicely. It is an interesting wine that can offer a lot of complexity, plus the wine differs vastly from producer to producer.


Any Libra will tell you that the most important thing in life is balance. Finding that perfect middle ground between work, life, and love is a skill that Libras have above most other people. That means that a wine that has great balance should suit the Libra palette quite nicely. There are a lot if choices, but we think that a nice Amarone fits the bill here. Beautifully smooth, an Amarone pulls together a lot of different flavours into a balanced package.


Often known for their stubbornness, Scorpios have a fiery passion that makes them great leaders, even if they are introspective in many respects. They are also emotionally deep and have a great complexity to them. What other wine could be better for a Scorpio than a Barolo. Often referred to as the King of Wines, the Barolo is a gorgeously complex wine with a great deal of history and tradition behind it.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius share quite a few qualities with Scorpios, particularly when it comes to their bluntness and occasional stubbornness. However, they are also very clear minded and very capable of seeing the bigger picture and how their actions will affect what is happening around them. We think a Riesling is a good choice for a Sagittarius as it has a dash of sweetness with the clear taste that fits with the clear mind of the Sagittarius.



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