The Wine Horoscope for 2020

By the time you’re reading this, it’s likely that 2019 will have come to a close and you’ll have welcomed 2020 in with a lot of fun, laughter, and Italian wine.

Now, it’s time to think about the future. Specifically, you need to decide on the types of Italian wine that will stock your fridge or wine cabinet over the coming years.

That’s where we come in.

We could just make a bunch of recommendations and call it a day. However, our plan is to help you to make a wine choice based on your star sign.

Let’s jump right into it with…

Wine Horoscope for 2020

Sign #1 – Aries

You love to be the centre of attention and you’re not going to find yourself getting lost in a crowd anytime soon. That means you need a wine that’s equally capable of grabbing attention.

Can it be anything other than Champagne?

Pop the cork and pull all eyes towards you whenever you decide to have a drink.

Sign #2 – Taurus

You’re the sort of person who enjoys the finer things in life. Class and elegance are your hallmarks and you need a wine that reflects what you truly care about in the world.

There are a few options that we could go for here, all of which are in the red wine category. 

However, we’re going to settle on the silky smoothness of Amarone here. The wine is perfect for those relaxed nights in and it suits your calm and classy personality to a tee.

Sign #3 – Gemini

You’re the life of the party, which means you need a wine that gets you as excited as you get other people.

Prosecco is the perfect choice here. It’s still one of, if not the, most popular wines in the world. And you can guarantee that the popping of a Prosecco cork will get people gathering around you.

Sign #4 – Cancer

You’re not quick to how people who you really are and you tend to hide behind a tough exterior that some may find a little impenetrable.

Of course, any wine that you drink has to require similar patience before you see what it really has to offer.

We’re going to recommend a Chianti here as it’s a wine that always benefits from patience and a little further exploration. That means it’s just like you!

Sign #5 – Leo

You’re full of passion and you’re born to be in the limelight. To you, something isn’t worth doing unless you’re doing it to inspire other people. And let’s be honest…you really enjoy the attention too.

That passion is your greatest asset and it’s strong enough to convince other people to change their opinions.

That’s why we’re recommending Tignanello here. Of course, several of the other Super Tuscans could also suit you perfectly. Whatever one you choose, you have a wine that’s born from passion and a desire to be different to what’s already out there.

Sign #6 – Virgo

You’re of an analytical mind, which means you really like to dig down into the details and work things out. For you, the best wines are likely puzzles. You want to identify every individual note and enjoy spending time deciphering what the wine has to offer from its taste.

Complexity is the name of the game here, which is why we’re recommending a deep Barolo for this sign.

The King of Wines will always present you with a few interesting challenges, which is why you absolutely have to give it a try.

Sign #7 – Libra

You’re of the more fair-minded persuasion and you generally like to keep people as happy as possible. For a Libra, a good wine is any that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

We’re going with a Chardonnay here. The wine has quality and it’s enjoyed by millions. That means it’s sure to be a hit in any social gathering, just like you are.

Sign #8 – Scorpio

Scorpios are very stubborn and tend not to let life grind them down, even if they do hold a slightly more cynical point of view than other signs.

A similarly stubborn wine is the key here. We’re going to go for something that’s lesser-known here in the Aglianico di Vultura.

Now, this may not be a wine that conjures up instant recognition. However, many point to the Aglianico grape as being the oldest grape that’s still being cultivated in the modern era. That’s stubbornness personified!

Sign #9 – Sagittarius

You’re the sort of person who absolutely adores discovering new things, which is why it’s tempting to just say that your wine of choice should be anything that you’ve never tried before.

However, we’ll get a little more involved than that.

We reckon you should try an ice wine this year. It’s different, and perhaps even a little controversial. But when has that ever stopped you from trying something new?

Sign #10 – Capricorn

Discipline is the name of the game with a Capricorn. You like people to follow the rules and you’re usually not one for travelling too far away from the beaten path. That means an Italian wine that’s steeped in tradition is likely your best bet.

There are several that we could choose from here, but we’re going to go with a Barbaresco. 

Sign #11 – Aquarius

You’re a lover of deep conversations and socialising with people, which means you need a wine that’s going to encourage nice get-togethers.

We think something a little lighter and inclusive will work well here. Try a Rosé on for size and you’ll have the perfect wine for stimulating interesting conversations without forcing things to get too complex.

Sign #12 – Pisces

You’re creative and always willing to go with the flow so that you enjoy whatever life has to offer to you.

We’re going to recommend another white wine here in the form of a Sauvignon Blanc. The refreshing and fruity tastes of the wine will get your creative juices flowing. And who knows where you might go from there!

The Final Word

Those are our 12 wine choices for each of the star signs.

What do you think? Are you going to try our recommendations or will you forge your own path? Whatever you choose, just remember that Xtrawine is here to help service your wine needs.



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