The Perfect Italian Wine For Your Sign of the Zodiac in 2019

We’re sure that plenty of you look to the stars to help you make the major decisions in your life. Sure, the horoscopes in the papers may seem like a bit of fun. But there’s no denying that each zodiac sign seems to come with a few personality traits that you have.

So that brings us to the question.

Which Italian wine is the best choice for your sign of the zodiac?

We’re going to take a look at each sign and figure out which wine will work best for you.


Aquarius is an air sign, which means that something light and breezy should be the order of the day for you. As an Aquarius, you’re light, bubble, and talkative. The best Italian wine is one that reflects all of those qualities.

That immediately takes us over into the territory of sparkling Italian white wines. Prosecco is the obvious choice, as it’s a beautiful wine that’s also a popular aperitif due to its lightness. However, you may want to go for something like Franciacorta if Prosecco isn’t to your liking.


Pisces is a water sign that’s often associated with dreaminess. You may have your head in the cloud’s a little bit, but you have big ideas and a certain touch of romanticism to you.

We think that a Super Tuscan is ideal for these qualities. These wines came from dreamers too, yet they’re also rooted in the tradition that so many romantics love. And if we’re talking Super Tuscans, Tignanello has to jump right up to the top of the list.


Aries is a fire sign. Those born under it tend to have a certain sense of pragmatism and they believe in getting the job done right. That means complicated wines that have a lot of bells and whistles aren’t going to do the job for them.

We think a good Amarone works best for Aries. It’s one of the simpler reds in terms of body, but it has a smoothness and a quality to it that you can’t deny. That’s perfect for the pragmatic nature of an Aries.


The sign of the bull, this is an Earthy sign that’s associated with level-headedness. You like your wines simple, elegant, and with a slight mineral flavour to them.

We recommend a Pinot Noir for that very reason. This wine tends to have a slightly earthy and mineral flavour to it. Plus, it suits your calm and level-headed nature. The good news is that you’re not going to have to search too hard to find this type of wine either.


This is another air sign, which usually points to white wines. Those with the Aquarius sign have a bit of a stranglehold on the sparkling wines, so we recommend Chardonnay for Geminis. 

This is an ideal wine for the sign as Geminis can be a little flighty when it comes to their moods. Chardonnay is a simple and easy catch-all wine that will suit you no matter how you feel.


Another water sign, Cancers generally have very high emotional intelligence and are often extremely thoughtful. This means that a wine that is as complex as their own minds is often the best choice here.

A Chianti Classico is a great choice here, as the wine is almost like an onion. There are so many different layers to unravel if you want to take the time to explore it. The traditional nature of the wine is also sure to appeal to a Cancer sign.


Leo is a fire sign and the people born under it tend to have a little bit of a fire in their bellies. They’re often intense and willing to be the life of the party.

That means a Leo needs a wine that’s able to match their own intensity. Something that’s able to keep up with them and maybe even challenge them just a little bit. For our money, the concentrated flavours of a Brunello di Montalcino are the best choice here, even if a Leo might find it difficult to wait for the wine to age fully.


Refinement and elegance are the hallmarks of a Virgo.

That makes their wine choice really easy. Barolo is the King of Wines and it perfectly suits the regal temperament of the average Virgo. The wine also suits the meticulous nature of a Virgo, as it’s complex enough to warrant detailed exploration.


Libra is another air sign. Those born under it tend to have a deep appreciation of the natural beauty in life, which draws them towards fruity and zesty wines.

This brings us into Italian white wine territory. Pinot Grigio is our choice here as it’s a zesty and fruity wine that’s often acclaimed for its ability to refresh the drinker.


Scorpios are known for simultaneously being brooding and passionate, which lends them an air of mystery at the best of times. 

A wine that reflects this mystery may be a good choice, but we’re leaning more towards the passion side with our choice. Barbaresco is often seen as the younger cousin of Barolo, as they’re made using the same grape. But it’s an intense wine in its own right that’s only now starting to make its mark on the industry. That stubbornness to survive and thrive under the weight of its more famous cousin makes the wine a perfect match for a Scorpio.


Those born under this sign have a slightly flirty nature and tend to focus on having as much fun as possible. Of course, they can also be serious when they need to be, which means their personalities often have two sides.

A good Rosé is a great choice for a Sagittarius because of this.


Capricorn’s tend to be warm-hearted in nature but they’re also very hard workers. They’re often seen as being a little old before their time, at least in terms of how they see the world. This is by no means an insult. It just means that Capricorns have a greater respect for tradition than many.

Chianti would be a good choice here as well, though we’d push a Capricorn towards the reserve label. Any wine made using the Nebbiolo grape is also a great choice.

The Final Word

Those are our wine recommendations based on your Zodiac sign.

Of course, we’re going to sign off with the same message that we always give to our loyal readers. The best wine for you is the one that you love the most. Whether that matches the wines we’ve recommended or not, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for with Xtrawine.



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