The Wines Produced By Sting

It isn’t often that the Italian wine industry welcomes a full-blown celebrity into its midst and it is even rarer for somebody who has no proven background in the world of wine to be able to create vintages of a high enough quality to be recognised by those in the industry.

Thankfully, most celebrities aren’t Sting. Widely recognised as one of the greatest bassists in the world, both as a solo artist and during his time with The Police, in recent years Sting has been turning his attention to the world of wine production.

Along with his wife, Trudi, the singer has taken ownership of the Palagio estate in Tuscany with the aim of producing some truly spectacular wines that live up to the history of the area. Named after some of his greatest hits, each of these wines has something a little bit different to offer to the consumer.

Message In A Bottle

One of Sting’s most prominent songs acts as the inspiration for one of his wines and the name really is a match made in heaven. The wine is a versatile Toscana IGT that is complex enough to challenge the drink while also being able to complement many different types of dishes.

To the nose, it offers aromas of cherries, spices and wild blackberries, all of which can be noted once the wine is introduced to the palette. Making use of Sangiovese, Syrah and Merlot grapes, this is a wine that is slightly experimental while still sticking to many of the traditions of the Italian wine industry and most certainly worthy of a taste. You can even use the bottle after the fact in the same way that the song proclaims.

Sister Moon

While you might think that Message in a Bottle would be the natural choice for the name of the first wine produced at the Palagio estate, that honour actually rests with Sister Moon. Aged for 24 months in French barriques and with an alcohol content of 14.9%, the wine is certainly one of the strongest and most complex that is produced by Sting’s team.

Another IGT Toscano, the wine offers notes of sweet cherries, liquorice and crushed flowers when brought to the nose, giving it something of a unique aroma. Made of an almost even blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine is often recommended as the first that you should try if you want to explore what Sting and Trudi are capable of and serves as the perfect introduction into their work.

When We Dance

Of the four vintages that have been created by the Palagio estate, When We Dance is the newest and perhaps one of the most instantly charming of the lot. This is Sting’s attempt at creating a Chianti, which in itself is an extremely old move given the amount of history behind this most famous of Italian red wines and the potential backlash that he may have ended up facing should the wine not live up to the high standards that are put on it by the name alone.

Thankfully, Sting treats the wine with the respect that it deserves and has managed to craft a beautiful blend of Sangiovese, Colorino and Canaiolo grapes that is sure to have fans of the drink feeling delighted. Beautifully balanced and smooth, the wine is perfect for combining with any number of traditional Tuscan dishes and it will leave a distinct impression on anybody who is lucky enough to sample it thanks to a distinct Cherry aroma that is readily notable when the wine is introduced to the palette.

Casino Delle Vie

This wine has the distinction of being the only one created by Sting and Trudi that doesn’t make use of one of his former song titles. Instead, it is named after a building on the Palagio estate, which goes to show just how much value the duo put into this rather magnificent creation.

Literally translated as “Little house by the road,” the wine’s name is also used colloquially to signify a muddling of the paths, which the Palagio estate hopes to bring to the table with this composition. The cherry notes that are noticeable in practically all of Sting’s wines are present here, as are the notes of liquorice and crushed flowers that have also become the company’s trademarks, making this an excellent wine for those who want to explore what Sting has to offer.

Anything Else?

The company isn’t known only for its wines, thought that is a large part of what they do. Sting and Trudi have also aimed to make their vineyards completely biodynamic, with the aim of producing wines of great quality that don’t rely on man-made chemicals and fertilisers that can have an effect on the purity of the grape.

The estate also plays host to a number of olive trees, which the duo have put to good use by creating their very own brand of olive oil, that can be purchased as a complement to the wines and used to create wonderful meals that will be enjoyed alongside the drinks. The trees were slowly restored to productivity over a number of years and are now capable of producing a truly spectacular olive oil that goes to prove just how versatile the Palagio estate has become.

That’s not to mention the fact that the estate also produces a large amount of honey, offering a variety of different flavours for people to explore. These have proven to be amongst the estate’s most popular products and it is rare to be able to have your pick out of any of the five honeys that they create, as stock is often sold quickly.

The Final Word

The Palagio estate proves that passion and a willingness to learn are more important in the Italian wine industry than history and a notable family. Sting and Trudi have worked hard to establish a niche for themselves in the industry through the creation of some truly amazing wines and we recommend that everybody takes a little time to discover what the Palagio estate has to offer.



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