The Top Wine Influencers That You Need to Start Following Today

The landscape of the world has really changed over the last few decades.

Go back 20 years and the internet was just starting to show its true potential. Online stores, such as our own, were starting to crop up. And the web was showing that it could be a tool for connecting people in ways that we’d never been connected before.

Go back 10 years and we see the emergence of social media platforms. The promise of connection the early days of the internet offered was fulfilled as we gained the ability to easily engage with people from all over the world using our computers.

The rise of social media has had a distinct impact on the global and Italian wine industries.

Today, there are literally hundreds of influencers who focus on the subject of wine. And as we pointed out in an earlier article, over 50% of Italians listen to the opinions of influencers before making their purchasing decisions.

Perhaps you’d like to follow their lead.

Maybe you believe that an influencer could point you in the direction of some quality Italian wines that you haven’t tried before.

If that’s the case, you need to know which influencers to follow. And with this article, you’ll have a list of amazing experts and interesting people who can open up your view of the world of wine.

Influencer #1 – David Choi

One of the biggest wine lovers on TikTok, David Choi has hundreds of thousands of followers who watch his daily short videos.

David isn’t just some random vlogger though.

This is a guy who’s owned two wine companies in America’s famous Napa Valley. He understands the ins and outs of the wine business like few other influencers. And that, coupled with his extensive knowledge of what makes a truly great wine, means that his TikTok is essential.

When you follow David, you get exposed to his clever tips about how to find quality affordable wines and how to pair your wines with great foods. He also lends little spins to his content by showing people how to pair wines with snacks and other types of food that they wouldn’t normally drink wine with.

Influencer #2 – Jancis Robinson

Part of what you might call the “old guard” of the wine influencing world, Jancis Robinson’s opinions have held weight in the industry for decades. She is the editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, as well as being a regular judge at wine competitions.

Jancis throws herself into her craft, travelling the world to sample wines at their source while offering reviews that help thousands of people make better wine choices.

Wisely, she’s also one of the “old guard” to have quickly adopted social media and the web to share her opinions. Jancis maintains both Twitter and Instagram, where she shares stories about her travels alongside her wine insights. She also has her own website, with a blog that’s full of more interesting stories and ideas.

Influencer #3 – Urte Dervynas

Urte does a little bit of everything.

This Lithuanian influencer’s Instagram feeds is full of tips about everything that matters in her life, including food, beauty, and, of course, wine. A fully-qualified sommelier, Urte is not one of the many who tries to act like her opinion holds weight when she really doesn’t know what she’s doing. She has trained long and hard to develop a level of expertise in wine that few can rival.

This is demonstrated by the many amazing partnerships she has formed with large wine brands. Urte has worked with, or currently works with, companies like Veuve Clicquot, piper-Heidsieck, and Loimer Wine.

Her down-to-earth nature, coupled with her expertise, mean you can always trust Urte to entertain while providing sage advice.

Influencer #4 – The Wine W*nkers

Funny name aside, Australians Conrad Grah and Drew Lambert have made names for themselves by injecting a little fun into the often-stuffy world of wine.

Based in Sydney, the pair make boozy videos that focus as much on entertainment and their occasionally uncouth personalities as they do on the wines they drink.

But don’t let the name fool you.

These two guys know their stuff when it comes to wine. They’re able to give a more consumer-based opinion about what to drink while still coming off as people who have expertise to share.

Influencer #5 – Madeline Puckette

If you’ve ever spent time reading about wine on the web, it’s likely that you’ve come across the Wine Folly website. It’s an invaluable resource that covers everything about wine.

Madeline Puckette is the founder of that website.

More than that, she’s a sommelier on top of being the wine of multiple awards recognising her ability to communicate with an audience about wine. As a graphic designer, she also specialises in creating infographics and other visual devices that entertain as well as inform.

Of course, you can find her on Wine Folly, which is one of the most influential wine websites in the world. She also has social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram that she regularly uses to share her opinions and insights.

Influencer #6 – Julia Coney

A contributing editor for both Vine Pair and Wine Enthusiast, Julia Coney is also the founder of Black Wine Professionals. As the name implies, her website is a valuable resource for black people in the industry, though this doesn’t preclude anybody else from learning from one of the wisest women in the American wine industry.

Having worked with over 500 food and drink brands, Julia has been there, seen it all, and has a wonderfully unique way of sharing her opinions through her writing.

The Final Word

What we have here is just a small selection of the many amazing wine influencers that you can find on the web and social media. Each offers something a little different in terms of the platforms they use and their areas of expertise. And each can point you in the direction of some amazing wines while teaching you more about this wonderful industry that we dedicate so much of our lives to.


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