The British Love Affair With A Good Prosecco

It may have taken a little while, but the world is finally waking up to what the Italians have known for decades. Prosecco is, hands down, one of the finest sparkling white wines in the world and the very best examples are capable of even rivalling that mighty titan of Champagne when it comes to quality. In fact, Prosecco has now overtaken Champagne in sales, making it officially the highest-selling sparkling white wine on the planet.

Nowhere is this love affair with the wine more intense than it is in Great Britain. It has become the wine of choice for millions of Brits and is used for everything from the biggest celebrations through to sharing a couple of drinks with great friends and reminiscing about everything that makes them happy.

So what is it about Prosecco that has led to this explosion in popularity? Here we look at some of the main reasons why the drink has managed to develop the popularity it has over the last few years.


As with all great wines, quality is always going to be a major factor in how popular something becomes. This is where Prosecco has always shined, as even the “cheapest” examples of the wine are still loaded with so much quality that they are able to stand against most of what you will find on the supermarket shelves.

This quality is what enraptures people from the second they take their first tastes of the wine and it is what keeps them coming back for more. For many, it has also been the spur for them to explore Proseccos from different winemakers, which has likely played more than a small part in the massive sales the wine has achieved over the years.


One of the reasons why Champagne has been viewed as the premier sparkling white wine for so many years is that the best examples of the wine tend to carry a fairly high price tag, which offers them an air of exclusivity.

Now don’t get us wrong. There are many amazing examples of Prosecco that can compete with the highest-priced wines around. But the wine is perhaps best known for being very affordable in the majority of cases. In Britain, it is quite easy to get your hands on a quality bottle of Prosecco for less than £20 and it is a wine that doesn’t tend to fall into disfavour, whether you have bought an expensive version or have popped into the local shop to grab a cheap bottle of wine for the evening.


As supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and bars have caught onto the rise in popularity of Prosecco in the United Kingdom, they have also started stocking it in larger volumes. While it may have been an occasional find in years gone by, falling into favour in the UK means that it is almost impossible to walk into a shop that sells wine and not find at least one bottle of Prosecco available for sale.

This availability goes hand in hand with the increase in popularity. As more people fell in love with Prosecco, more retailers began stocking it. This meant that others who may not have tried the wine were drawn in, plus existing enthusiasts had more variety. This, again, results in even bigger sales. Sales in the United Kingdom were up 34% by the end of 2015, so much so that some news outlets were reporting that a shortage was a very real possibility. Thankfully, with 2016 over that turned out not to be the case, but it just shows how much of an effect wide availability can have.


Another, often unsung, advantage that Prosecco has over so many other wines is the wide variety that it offers to enthusiasts. Proseccos run the gamut from dry to sweet, plus it is even possible to get Rosé versions and, in some cases, still varieties.

This is important because there are people out there who aren’t keen on sparkling wines. Without this variety, Prosecco would be unable to appeal to their tastes, which means they would likely explore other varieties of wine. While we are sure that happens – and frankly hope that people explore as many wines as possible – the variety available in Prosecco means that even those who don’t like the most well-known versions still have plenty to choose from.

More Knowledge

The rise of the internet has given so much to wine enthusiasts, with the gift of knowledge, in particular, being very important. Today, people from the UK are able to go on a litany of websites that offer information about Prosecco and the people who make it, which forges a deeper connection with the wine that can encourage them to buy even more.

Better yet, the internet also allows people to purchase their Prosecco online, which means there is so much more convenience revolving around the drink than there has ever been before in the UK. A trip to the shop is ideal for getting a bottle, but the really special varieties can also be sourced and purchased in a matter of minutes online.

It’s Perfect For Any Occasion

In the end, perhaps the main reason behind the explosion of popularity for Prosecco in the United Kingdom is that it is a wine that is suitable for any occasion. Wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year’s can all been given that extra something by Prosecco. However, it is also a great drink to be used as a refresher after a busy day, a complement to a starting course for a meal or even as a drink to share with friends.

This versatility has led to it becoming a fixture in millions of households throughout the United Kingdom and it is almost impossible to find a family that doesn’t have at least one Prosecco lover in their ranks. All of these are the reason why so many people in the UK have at least one bottle of Prosecco in their cellars and we are sure that popularity is only going to grow as time goes on.



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