The Benefits of Wine and the Mediterranean Diet

We have spoken at length in the past about just how good wine is, when consumed in moderation, for your health. Research has shown that a glass or two of red wine per day can help you avoid a range of health issues. From your heart through to your risk of suffering a stroke, red wine has many health benefits that millions around the world enjoy.

Many of those benefits extend to the Mediterranean diet in general. Rich in vegetables and healthy meats, many people around the Mediterranean enjoy long and healthy lives because of the foods and wines that they choose to eat.

Here we are going to make a real case for the Mediterranean diet. Hopefully, we’ll convince more than a few of you to put some thought into changing your dietary habits. The combination of the right food and good wine can have all sorts of benefits that you may not have realised previously.

Low in Processed Foods

Mediterranean cuisine tends to focus on the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients. That’s why you will see so many restaurants in Italy that change their menus depending on the time of year that it is.

Processed foods are some of the worst to eat if you want to watch your weight and avoid a lot of the health issues that come with eating bad foods. They have a lot of artificial ingredients and processed sugars that can cause all sorts of issues for your body.

By contrast, Mediterranean diets are far more natural and will allow you to regulate your food intake more. Fresh fish and vegetables give your body more vitamins and minerals than you will ever find in processed foods.

A Healthier Body

There’s plenty of research around the web that highlights the many benefits that come from enjoying a Mediterranean diet. We’ve already mentioned just how good red wine can be or the heart and many other issues. However, the diet as a whole has a lot of similar benefits that will improve your long-term health and allow you to avoid ailments that tend to affect those who eat less healthy diets.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to a reduction in the risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes, a condition often associated with obesity and the consumption of processed foods that are high in sugar.

Beyond that, Mediterranean cuisine will help you avoid high cholesterol and blood pressure, with the healthy nature of the food also contributing to lowering instances of heart disease. As a general rule, people who eat Mediterranean are less prone to putting on weight and will live longer and healthier lives.

Ideal for Dieting

We’ve already mentioned that the Mediterranean diet will help you maintain a healthy body weight. What you may not know is that it helps you do this in a way that keeps your body feeling energized and ready for anything the day may have to throw at it.

Compare this to a lot of fad diets going around and you will instantly see the benefits. You won’t have to starve your body of much needed vitamins and protein when you eat a Mediterranean diet. Instead, you get to eat great foods that offer your body everything that it needs.

There’s also far more choice in the Mediterranean diet than you will find in many other more standardized diet. The focus isn’t specifically on losing weight. Instead, it’s a natural by-product of the fact that the diet fuels your body healthily and ensures it doesn’t intake unneeded calories and fat.

Improved Cognitive Health

Though the benefits that the Mediterranean diet and red wine have in the cognitive area are a little murkier than when it comes to your heart and weight, what we do know tends to point in the direction of the Mediterranean diet helping your cognitive function.

There is some research that suggests that a combination of healthy food and the occasional glass of wine helps memory function. Some have suggested that this means that the Mediterranean diet may help you to stave off Alzheimer’s disease by offering your brain what it needs to keep functioning properly, even as you reach old age.

Again, this research is still in its fairly early stages. However, seeing as Alzheimer’s has no known cure at this point, it certainly can’t harm you chances to eat healthier and potentially enjoy all of the brain benefits that a Mediterranean diet may have to offer.

Get Rid of all of That Stress

Think back to the last meal you ate. Did you scarf it down as quickly as possible? Maybe you didn’t have much time due to the stresses that life and work place on you, so you just tried to eat as much as you could as quickly as you could to give yourself then energy to get through the day.

That’s where the Mediterranean diet differs greatly to many other cultures. The focus is not on eating large meals during each sitting. Instead, you will eat little and often. Not only does this improve the metabolism, but it also helps you to actually unwind and enjoy your food.

Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work. You make yourself a nice salad with plenty of fresh ingredients and top the whole thing off with a refreshing glass of white wine. Maybe you even watch the sunset as you eat. We bet you can already feel the stress just melting away as you read this.

The Final Word

The Mediterranean diet has served the Italian people so well for centuries because it works. The combination of great food and amazing wine means that you get to really enjoy every meal that you eat.

Now, couple that with the many health benefits that come from a Mediterranean diet and you will see why so many people adopt it. After all, who doesn’t love a diet that allows you to eat great foods while still controlling your weight and lowering your risk of contracting a variety of ailments.




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