Why Should You Buy Italian Wine?

Wine as a general drink is beloved all across the world. Millions upon millions of bottles are sold every year and entire industries are built up around the drink. Furthermore, there are many who value their wine to such an extent that they will seek out higher quality vintages in an effort to truly get the best out of their favourite pastime.

Many countries have rich winemaking traditions, but it is perhaps Italy that is most famous for the wide range and extremely high quality of the wines that they produce. Practically every region in the country has at least one wine that is native to that region and is sold on the international stage. Many families and wineries in the country have been in operation for centuries and there is a rich tradition revolving around winemaking that is indelibly etched into the makeup of Italian culture.

So why should you buy Italian wine, if you haven’t already? What follows is a list of just a few of the many reasons why a good bottle of Italian wine may be the right choice for you.


It has been touched upon previously, but the tradition behind Italian wine in general is something that is extremely important. Not just to Italians either, as many historians find it absolutely fascinating how wine can have such an important influence on the direction of the economies and cultures of the various regions of Italy.

For those who don’t have such lofty ideals as learning in mind, the lengthy tradition and history behind many Italian wines also means something else – quality. Centuries of expertise are poured into some of the greatest Italian wines, which means what you drink has been refined to the point where there are few other wines could even possibly hope to compete. Better yet, the DOC also ensures that wines in the country are made to a certain standard to ensure that high quality is sustained.

Even the new wineries are quickly becoming a part of the makeup of the Italian wine industry. With so many innovators and new ideas being brought into the fold thanks to the continued expansion in popularity of Italian wine, there is now a whole new set of traditions being created by some of the newer Italian winemakers.


Simply stating that Italian wine tastes wonderful is oversimplifying the point somewhat. After all, there are many hundreds of vintages of wine available in the country, all of which have their own unique production methods and tastes. This means that there are few other countries on the planet that can offer consumers such a wide range of flavours and aromas.

Italy has a wine that can suit practically any palette. With a little bit of research and exploration you will be able to find a wine or two that you will love for the rest of the your life, and you may well find that it becomes a regular accompaniment to your meals and dinner parties as a result.

It is this wide variety of tastes that has helped to make the Italian wine industry so successful in recent years. With so much to choose from, coupled with the fact that so many of the choices are of an extremely high quality, it is almost impossible to completely fail when it comes to finding something that is to your liking. The Italian wine industry has something for everybody and the men and women who make the wines are dedicated to constantly improving on their craft and bring ever more brilliant tastes to their consumers.

Health Benefits

Recent scientific research has suggested that red wine in particular is extremely good for the body when taken in moderation. It can help with everything from preventing heart disease through to strokes and many medical professionals suggest drink a glass of red wine a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, Italy has a long and prestigious history of creating great red wines. The likes of Chianti and Barolo are already world famous, but there are literally hundreds of variants that the avid wine lover can try.

Not only does this allow for increased experimentation and the discovery of new wines that you will absolutely love, it can also have many long term benefits that are simply a side effect of following your passion for wine. The Italian wine industry is constantly producing new drinks and helping people live longer and more fruitful lives in the process.


Simply put, there is a very good reason why Italy has a reputation as one of the foremost producers of wine in the world. It simply is. In Europe it could be argued that France is perhaps the only country that maintains a similar reputation for consistent levels of quality and many parallels can be drawn between the two countries as a result.

However, there has always been a certain romanticism and elegance attached to Italian culture as a whole, and the wines consumed in the country are intertwined with that culture. This has allowed them to garner the reputations that they have over the course of centuries. However, it is also important to not take away from the innovators in the field that are bringing the Italian wine industry into the modern age.

Many winemakers in the country are creating their own reputations based on innovative production methods, allowing them to stand out from the traditional crowd and build respect based on their own efforts. This means that Italy has a reputation for creating great wines, both historically and in terms of innovative new drinks.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Italian wine is so revered throughout the world, however there are many more. If nothing else, they should act as the spur for the curious to investigate the world of Italian wine just a little bit more. After all, you never know when you might find the next great vintage that may change the way you see wine forever.


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