Sting and Trudie Styler Launch Their Wine Tasting Tour

An internationally-renowned singer and bassist, Sting achieved fame as part of The Police before going on to enjoy a glittering solo career that has forever placed him in the pantheon of the world’s greatest rock and pop stars. Today, the singer continued to tour on occasion, but he has also turned his attention to other areas of life that he has just as much passion for as he does his music.

During mid-March, Sting, alongside Trudie Styler, announced the launch of a special wine tasting tour that will see them travel throughout Europe and offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to try a host of new wines in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Named the Il Palagio Tasting Tour, the event was announced during ProWein, which is one of the world’s leading wine and spirits trade fairs. Held in Dusseldorf, Germany, ProWein was held between March 19th and March 21st, offering those within the industry the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new connections, and learn more about what is happening in the industry.

Sting was welcome to the event by the mayor of Dusseldorf on Sunday. In addition to introducing the remarkable tour, Sting also paid tribute to the recently departed Chuck Berry, who was a true pioneer in rock ‘n’ roll. He concluded by playing Berry’s most famous song, Johnny B. Goode, for the fair’s attendees.

Returning to the Il Palagio Tasting Tour, the tour will comprise of a travelling caravan that will explore many regions of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, and the United Kingdom. Each person who visits the traveling caravan will have the opportunity to learn more about the wines produced at Il Palagio, which is the name of the Tuscan estate owned by Sting and Trudie.

The musician, who is also an activist and film director, will help others understand the hard work and dedication that goes into the wines produced at the estate and, in doing so, will help to shed even more light on the Tuscany region, which is already regarded as one of the world’s foremost wine producing regions.

Many of the wines produced by the company are named after some of Sting’s most famous wines, such as its Message in a Bottle brand, which comes in both red and white varieties. Other song-inspired wines include When We Dance and Sister Moon, which are accompanied by more traditionally named varieties, such as Casino delle Vie and Beppe Rosato. Together, the wine’s make up a formidable collection that stacks up well against even the most prestigious Tuscan wines.

The Il Palagio Tasting Tour began in Dusseldorf after the conclusion of ProWein and will continue to travel through Europe until the middle of April, when the tour finally comes to an end in Paris, France, where Sting and Trudie will bring Italian wines directly to the home of one of the country’s most formidable industry rivals. Of course, the tour is all conducted in good fun and we are sure that many Parisians will delight in the opportunity to sample the delights of the wines that Sting and Trudie bring to them.

Perhaps more excitingly for music fans, the travelling caravan is also going to accompany Sting during a musical tour. As such, those who visit the caravan will also have the opportunity to see Sting in concert and listen to some of the songs that inspired the wines he produces live and in person.

The tour will be overseen by Ralf Hoegger, who is Il Palagio’s Sales and Distributions Manager. Hoegger will do much of the heavy lifting for the tour, ensuring the caravan gets to each of its destinations on time while also greeting visitors and introducing them to the history of the wines produced by the company. Better yet, foodies will have the opportunity to sample some of the olive oil and honey that the estate is known for as well.

A Little About Il Palagio

Of course, we are sure there are some of you out there who have never heard of Il Palagio, even if you are a fan of Sting’s music. While the man’s passion for wine is fairly well-known, there is no reason not to take a more in-depth look at the estate that he owns and what makes it so ideal for the production of truly amazing wines.

Set about a stunning Tuscan town, Il Palagio is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills that are absolutely perfect for the growing of vines. The winery takes full advantage of this fact and has been using the fertile Tuscan lands to grow grapes for many years. There are truly few settings in Italy that are quite as picturesque and many visitors have travelled to the area both to experience the Il Palagio wines and to enjoy the surroundings.

Prior to being turned into a full-time wine estate, Il Palagio had served as a summer home for Sting and Trudie for over 20 years and it still plays host to a number of parties, anniversaries, and private concerts for the family.

Set over 900 acres, it is a truly grandiose area that the couple have consistently worked on, both to regenerate the land and to add their own little flourishes to the surroundings. As such, in addition to all of the trappings of the village that it overlooks, Il Palagio is also home guesthouses and tennis courts. Visitors also benefit from a number of stunning hiking trails and the gorgeous lakes in the region. Of course, wine tourists tend to be most taken by the masses of vineyards, while olive oil enthusiasts enjoy the many olive groves.

Sting and Trudie’s dedication to the organic way of life has also led to the creation of a fully-functioning organic farm that grows a number of pieces of produce.

All told, it is a perfect vacation spot and in more recent years the couple have allowed it to host holidays and corporate retreats. However, the main focus of Il Palagio is the wines that are created within its confines.



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