Upcoming Chianti Celebration Events

Chianti is widely recognised as one of, it not the best, Italian red wines currently on the market. With a reach history that stretches back for centuries coupled with recent innovations that gave rise to the Super Tuscan variants of the drink, Chianti is a wine that is indelibly etched into the consciousness of practically every connoisseur.

Because of this it is perhaps only natural that there are a number of events in Italy that celebrate this amazing drink. These events all aim to give Chianti lovers a place to convene and discover entirely new blends of the famed drink, allowing them to gain a further appreciation for the wine. With that in mind we thought that we would highlight a few of the events that are coming soon so that any Chianti lovers can add the dates to their calendars.

Sagra delle frittelle

Held in the Montefioralle region, the Sagra delle frittelle is commonly known internationally as the ‘Festival of the Pancakes’ but it is really so much more than that, especially for lovers of Chianti. The region itself is known for its beautiful landscapes, which only furthers the appeal of the event.

With a tradition that stretches back more than three decades the festival has celebrated the art of making a great pancake and is held during the month of March, not long before Easter. Held over a number of weekends during the course of the month.

Visitors will be able to enjoy pancakes crafted by the true masters, all of which have a range of ingredients. Better yet the festival is also known for accompanying its pancakes with high quality bottles of Chianti, making it the perfect place to visit for those who enjoy good food and great wine.

Sundays in Chianti

This event is one of the most popular amongst Chianti fans and also one of the most accessible. The event will be held every single Sunday from April through to December and will provide fans of the drink with the opportunity to further explore the history of the wine and the people behind some of the greatest variants.

During the course of the event visitors will be afforded the opportunity to explore a number of the regions in Tuscany that have been integral to the overall development of Chianti and its continued popularity not only in Italy but throughout the world.

The event is held every Sunday at Castelnuovo Berardenga, which is one of the more interesting municipalities in the Chianti region. It takes in some of the most important producers from the region and gives something of a history lesson to everybody who visits. Who knows? You just may find out something that you never even knew before about your favourite drink.

Festa della stagion bona

For those who enjoy a little bit of history the Festa della stagion bona, which is held during the month of April in Panzona, is the perfect event. During the course of the festivities visitors will be able to see people dressed up in period dress and can learn a lot about the region and the various events and products that have made it so important.

One of those products is Chianti and the festival goes to great lengths to ensure that visitors are provided with foods that are as accurate to the time period as is possible. This makes it a great event for lovers of Chianti Classico in particular and visitors will find that they will be able to experience a whole range of Chianti’s in addition to sharing in the culinary traditions of the region.

Of course there is plenty to do besides the foods. A host of street parades mark the event and many street parties break out during the course of the festivities. The Festa della stagion bona is a place for celebration and definitely recommended for fans of fine food, fine Chianti and amazing celebrations.

Festa del giaggiolo

As is a common theme with many of these events, the Festa del giaggiolo aims to celebrate something other than Chianti but is held in a region that is so firmly entrenched in the history of this great wine that it is simply not to be missed.

The festival is held in San Polo during May and is a celebration of the famed Giaggiolo flower, which is a member of the Iris family and is native to the region.

The festival aims to educate visitors about the traditional uses of the flower and how it has informed the culture of the San Polo and Chianti regions over the years. Visitors will learn about the traditional cultivation methods of the flower and how it has been used in addition to being able to enjoy a fine Chianti from one of the regions that has made the drink famous.

Sagra della miseria

Also known as the Poverty Festival, this is an event for those who want to experience something a little bit different and find out about the history of the people who make up the Chianti region but have never achieved the levels of success and fame of the families that produce the wine that the region is known for.

The event is held in June in Colle Val D’Elsa and celebrates a range of recipes that have been created in the region by those who traditionally couldn’t afford to indulge in the luxuries of life. Because of this many of the recipes have something of a unique flavour to them and will take in many ideas that seem counter to what we know today about creating a great meal.

Through it all visitors will be able to find out a little more regarding the history of the people of the region in addition to sampling foods and enjoying wines that may be a little different from the Chianti that most people are familiar with.

Of course this is just a sample of the many events held throughout the course of the year celebrating this fine drink and we wholeheartedly recommend that those who love Chianti try to attend at least one of them just so that they can learn a little more about the region that created the drink.


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