Sella and Mosca

In the modern world, a lot of wine companies are looking more and more towards sustainability in order to ensure that their crops are able to withstand the test of time, while also working to provide their customers with a better quality product.

While a lot of the larger producers in Italy are slowly adopting this sort of model, there are some that make it the core of their winemaking process. Sella and Mosca are one such company, as they make use of extremely modern techniques despite the fact that the company and its vineyards can trace its roots through the years.

Here we will take a look at this prestigious winemakers, which is capable of producing some truly great vintages but has perhaps not achieved the level of infamy that it deserves outside of its native Italy.

The History

While the land that is used for the 541 hectares of vineyards that Sella and Mosca call their own has been worked on enormously in order to ensure its sustainability, its roots can actually be traced back to a pair of adventurous men from Piedmont who made the decision to drain the land in the first place so that they could use it to grow vines.

Having grown enchanted with the land and its surroundings, these men struck gold when they made the decision to call it the home of their winemaking endeavours. The virgin terrain fascinated the two men, who saw potential where others may have missed it and quickly set about preparing the land so that it was fully capable of meeting both that level of potential and their own ambitions when it came to the Italian wine industry.

Those two men were an engineer named Sella, who was the nephew of a famous statesman named Quintino Sella, and a lawyer named Mosca. While neither of these professions would seem to lend themselves too readily to the winemaking trade, the duo were determined in their efforts and were able to drain the land so that they could start their very own wine company.

All of this happened at the turn of the 20th century, which means the vineyards used by Sella and Mosca have a history that dates back more than a century. Even before the land was used for growing grapes, the natural minerals and pasture that existed before was so rich and fertile that it can sometimes appear as though the land was simply readying itself, waiting for some intrepid wine lovers to call it their own and cultivate it so that it was capable of delivering a high quality grape.

Today, that land has reached its full potential, leading to the area becoming one of the most prestigious wine producing areas in all of Sardinia. Fertile vineyards and the simple, natural gifts that the land and surrounding region imbue on the grapes play a large part in the quality of the wines produced by Sella and Mosca. Visitors to the region often remark on its pioneering atmosphere and the land is still able to astonish thanks to both the beautiful aromas conjured up by decades of vineyard cultivation and the methods used by the company to ensure that the land remains fertile and capable of providing a crop that can be used to make some truly wonderful wines.

The company is defined by respect for the culture that surrounds the Italian wine industry, respect for the region that has given them so much and respect for the land itself. These three core principles have informed the direction that the company has taken ever since its foundation and they continue to be honoured to the present day in a variety of different ways.

In addition to a steadfast work ethic that sees the company dedicate itself to the production of wines that are representative of the region and can stand alongside any other Italian wines, respect is paid to the land that makes all of this possible and the company maintains a sustainable farming and business model that no only ensures the long term success of the wines they produce, but also keeps the land healthy and capable of producing the level of quality that it has become known for.

The company is justifiably proud of their heritage and dedication to the craft, which is why they welcome many visitors each and every year. In particular, they maintain a museum that is the perfect place to visit for people who want to find out a little more about the sustainable techniques that are used by the company, in addition to getting up close and personal with the history of this great producer. Pride defines Sella and Mosca. Pride in the land, its traditions and the wonderful wines that are produced there each year.

Sella & Mosca Alghero Oleandro 2014

Of course, we can’t talk about the wonderful wines produced by Sella and Mosca without actually introducing one to the people who may have never experienced what this company is capable of producing before. After much deliberation, we have decided that there can be few better places to start than the Sella & Mosca Alghero Oleandro 2014 vintage.

This wonderful wine is made using the young cabernet grapes that are grown on the company’s vineyards, with visitors being able to see them for themselves if they wander along the avenue of oleanders at the estate.

To the nose, the wine features distinct fruity notes that are sure to tempt people in and make them want to experience the taste. Once introduced to the palate, you will notice the freshness that is typical of Cabernet almost immediately, marking this out as a Rosè still with distinct merit. The elegant structure ensures that it is capable of being matched with a number of different foods, with many choosing to enjoy it with leaner meats that are not too rich in flavour. Best of all, the company recognizes the importance of ensuring that such wines are as widely available as possible, which means it is priced exceptionally reasonably, so practically anybody can experience it.


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