Celebrate special occasions with champagne

We all live for special occasions. Those moments in life where everything seems to come together and we can celebrate with those who are nearest and dearest to us. As humanity has evolved we have come to find more and more reasons to celebrate and rejoice in the wonderful moments that we share throughout life.

Of course, no celebration is complete without good food and good wine. For many, good wine translates to good champagne and there are many celebration for which you can make a champagne buy and really help things to go off with a bang. Here are just a few occasions where getting a good bottle of champagne can turn a good night into a great one.


A wedding is a wonderful event for all involved. It symbolises the everlasting commitment between two people who love each other more than they love anything else in the world. It also symbolises the coming together of two families who were previously unrelated but have now become eternally bonded thanks to the love that is shared by the bride and groom.

Of course, for many guests the real party comes after the ceremony is completed and the reception is underway. Being able to experience the company of friends old and new, in addition to making bonds that will last a lifetime, is an experience that can’t be underestimated.

We would also be remiss to point out that the evening is made even better with great food, great music and great wine. A bottle of champagne is the perfect way to salute the new couple and it has become something of a tradition at most weddings to toast the bride and groom with a glass of champagne to wish them happiness and good fortune in their adventures through life together.

Formula One

Bear with us here, because this is something of a niche. We are all aware of the traditional celebrations held at a formula one race, with the drivers who place on the podium being celebrated with a bottle of champagne, which usually ends up all over the victorious driver by way of congratulations for a hard race won.

Fans of the sport can also join in on the celebrations from the comfort of their own home. If you and some friends have a favourite driver, why not keep a bottle of champagne on ice ready for when he manages to pick up a win during the course of the season, or if he manages to take home the championship? It’s good to have something to show for all of that support so being able to have fellow enthusiasts join you in toasting a successful driver is a wonderful way to feel more connected to the sport that you love.


Getting back to much more traditional fare, a birthday is an important moment in anybody’s life. It symbolises another year spent amongst friends and loved ones and can be a celebration of the time that has gone past or a moment of anticipation for the times that are yet to come.

Those who are close to the birthday boy or girl often show their affection by showering them with gifts of all shapes and sizes before holding a celebration that solidifies those bonds and makes them even stronger for the years to come.

Of course no celebration is complete without a few drinks and champagne can act as the perfect capper to an amazing day. A toast to your loved one feels so much better when the drink you’re toasting with can be enjoyed by all.

Christening a ship

We are back to the less traditional celebrations that can be commemorated with a bottle of champagne. In fact, when it comes time to christen a ship, the champagne isn’t even consumed!

It has become something of a traditional in naval quarters to commemorate the first voyage of a boat by smashing a bottle of wine against the hull. The intention is to wish the vessel good luck in all of its future journeys and to commemorate the remarkable achievement of creating something that allows humanity to conduct voyages over bodies of water that we wouldn’t be able to achieve solely off our own backs.

Of course, if you’re a boating enthusiast yourself there is nothing stopping you from carrying on this little celebration in your own way. Should you be fortunate enough to have purchased your own boat, why not commemorate the occasion with a bottle of champagne. If you don’t much fancy the idea of smashing it against the hull, you can always experience a first voyage with your friends by enjoying the bottle in a more traditional fashion once you’re on the water itself.

New Year’s Eve

The end of the year is a special moment for many of us, symbolising the transition into a whole new period of the earth’s life and also signalling a time for change for those of us who wish to undertake a New Year’s resolution.

Of course, before the next year can begin it’s become customary to celebrate the year that has gone past, with most people heading out with their family and friends to ring in the New Year in style.

For some this means heading out to one of the many venues that hold celebrations, both big and small. From the enormous fireworks displays from the likes of Trafalgar Square and the Sydney Opera House, right through to more subdued house parties, everybody has their own way of celebrating the passing of the year.

A good bottle of champagne can make that moment feel even more special. Before the clock strikes twelve be sure to pour a glass for everybody who is worth you and then bring in the New Year with a toast of champagne and a cheeky kiss if you’re especially lucky.

Champagne is a drink that is custom-made for celebrations of all kinds so be sure to commemorate any special occasions in your own life with a glass or two and you may well develop and even deeper appreciation of high quality Italian wines.