Art and Wine: Learning to Paint As You Drink

In many a mind, the worlds of art and Italian wine fit together like two peas in a pod. You could even argue that a good bottle of wine is like of work of art in and of itself. After all, every bottle has individual hallmarks that those with a deep understanding can recognise. Great wines also offer something a little different to each person who tries them. Different wines match different tastes and there’s something for everybody if you’re willing to explore a little more.

Then there are the associations that come because wine had featured so prominently in all aspects of the arts. Entire portraits have been dedicated to the drink. Poets and writers have written at length about their favourite wines and the qualities that they have. Italian wine and art just seem to fit together.

That’s likely the thought pattern that has inspired a new trend that’s appearing in a number of cities throughout the world. Instead of appreciating other people’s art as they sip on a glass of wine, you can instead learn how to paint yourself while also enjoying a glass or two of your favourite tipple.

It’s a novel idea, and it’s one that we think has a great chance of catching on.

What Can You Expect From Your Wine and Art Experience

A little trepidation is always natural whenever you decide to try something new. Heading to an art class is a particularly frightening experience for some. After all, if you’ve never held a brush before in your life, you may worry about the end results of your efforts. That’s especially the case if there are people in the class who clearly have more experience than you.

That may be where the idea of introducing wine into the mix came from. A famous social lubricant, alcohol can help you to overcome those initial fears and dig right into the class.

Of course, it helps that many of the people who operate these classes make them as beginner-friendly as possible. In fact, wine and art classes probably aren’t the best place for experienced painters to go if they want to brush up on their skills. Instead, they’re ideal for people who may not have picked up a brush in years who want to learn a little bit about art and enjoy a few glasses of good wine.

Having said all of that, these “sip and paint” sessions are still educational experiences. A seasoned artist will usually take control of the class and will help those who’ve just joined to get a feel for things. They’ll also introduce basic artistic concepts and present you with a project to work on for the duration of the class.

The main focus is on having fun and meeting new people. But it’s nice to know that these experiences also serve a purpose that stretches beyond just getting tipsy while splashing a paintbrush around.

But is the whole concept right for you? We’ve considered a few of the potential benefits of taking a “sip and paint” class.

Benefit #1 – You Feel More Comfortable Getting Creative

One of the biggest barriers that many people face when trying to express their creativity is self-consciousness. You may find that your own inner critic not only makes you feel bad about your artistic efforts, but may even prevent you from pursuing them altogether.

The addition of wine into the equation eases those doubts a little bit. With a glass of wine in hand, you’ll find yourself giving your mind more creative licence. You may even find yourself feeling less critical of your efforts, which can only encourage you to try again.

Benefit #2 – It’s a Social Experience

The nerves that may attack for a traditional art class really aren’t present if you go to an Italian wine and art class. After all, everybody who’s there is likely in the same boat as you. Sure, some of them might have gone to a class before. But it’s likely that most of the people you meet are beginners and wine enthusiasts.

And that’s exactly who you want to surround yourself with for this new experience. These are people who you can share your passions with and who clearly have similar interests to you. That usually means that this classes become social experiences where you can meet new people and engage in interesting conversation. The art and the wine may be the main focuses. But you may want to visit because of the possibility of expanding your social circle as well.

Benefit #3 – You May Discover a New Passion

It’s likely that it’s your passion for wine that has drawn you to the experience in the first place. And you’ll certainly get to indulge that and perhaps even sample a few wines that you’ve never tried before.

But you may also find that you develop a brand new passion for art that you never expected to. The looseness that the wine promotes may free you up to explore ideas that you didn’t wouldn’t even think about. With a brush in your hand, you can immediately express those ideas onto canvas.

Who knows? You may have a hidden artistic talent that such a night could coax out of you. There’s also often quite a lot of variety at these events. While wine may be the main advertised drinks, you’ll often discover that “sip and paint” experiences offer cocktails and other drinks as well.

The Final Word

The “sip and paint” idea is a novel one that has several aims. The most obvious seems to be to do away with the perceived pretentiousness of both the art and wine worlds. These events bring people of all backgrounds together to share in both of these things without having to worry about being out of place.

The events also appeal to the millennial generation as well. It’s an experience that you can’t quite recreate at home, which makes it worth exploring for many. So, give it a try. You may discover a talented artist hiding deep below the surface.



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