Draw With Wine – The Trend That’s Sweeping the World

For as long as there hasbeen Italian wine, there have been artists who have glorified the nectar of the Gods in paintings and literature. Whenever you trace the history of the wine industry, you often find out that art follows where the best wine is.

Perhaps you have a creative streak of your own that you want to explore. You just need the opportunity to get in front of a canvas to unleash your artistic powers.

And if you can enjoy a glass or two of Italian wine in the process, that’s even better.

The good news is that there’s a trend that’s perfect for you.

Drink and Draw classes have started to spring up all over the world and they offer you the chance to combine your love of wine with your desire to create pieces of art.

Here’s what you need to know about this wonderful new trend.

What is it?

Drink and Draw ispretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

You turn up at a venue and take part in a traditional art class. There’sa teacher and a bunch of other students, all of whom will be at different skill levels.

The class will usually involve a few basic lessons before it lets you lose one whatever the drawing theme is for the day.

And then you get to work.

The key differencebetween this and any other class is, of course, the addition of wine. The class provides wines of varying types to accompany your drawing activities.

This adds an entirely new dimension to your art. In addition to learning a new skill, you also have the opportunity to sample some wines that you may have never tried before.

There’s also a social element to the classes. The introduction of alcohol creates a much looser atmosphere, which means Drink and Draw classes are the perfect places to meet new people who share similar interests to your own.

And for the romantics among you, they’re also ideal for date night.

What Types of Classes Are There?

Drink and Draw may be the most popular brand in this emerging trend. But it certainly isn’t the only one. There are plenty of classes to choose from, with some being independently run while others are part of a larger franchise.

Each class offers something a little different. You may find that some encourage you to draw with pencils whereas others put a paintbrush in your hand. You’ll also draw different subjects and try different wines.

It all depends on the class.

And that’s what makes this new activity so appealing. There’s just so much variety to be found in every aspect of the class. You’re meeting new people constantly and you’re trying all of these wines that you’ve never even heard of. Every session sees you drawing or painting something different.

And it just so happens that you’re also developing a brand new skill. Of course, that’s assuming that you don’t go a little overboard with the wine.

What Can I Expect When I Go?

No matter how cool it sounds, practically any new activity can leave you feeling nervous.

Here, we’re going to give you a few tips to help you to enjoy your first Drink and Draw session.

Tip #1 – Don’t Worry About Skill Level

The quality of the artworkthat you produce is not the focus here. Remember that this is an informal event that, while educational, is not ultimately about what you end up putting on paper.

That means that you don’t have to feel scared if you’ve never drawn or painted before. You’re going to learn some of the basics and have a lot of fun.

Of course, it’s possible that the people operating classes near you run them for different skills levels. If that’s the case, you may want to stick to the beginner classes until you’re ready to move up.

Tip #2 – Don’t Pre-Drink

The key thing to remember with Drink and Draw classes is that they’re not a place to get drunk. There will be a lot of people around who want to enjoy a good night out. That means they don’t want to have to deal with people who take things just a little bit too far.

We recommend avoiding any drinks before you head to the event. Longer classes may see you drinking two or three glasses of wine, which you don’t want to drink on top of other alcoholic beverages.

Just take it slow and know your limits.

Remember that there are no rules that say you have to drink. If you feel yourself getting a little bit tipsy, don’t be afraid to stop and focus on the painting instead.

Tip #3 – Talk to People

Drink and Draw offersyou the chance to meet loads of new people. Take advantage of the loosening effect that the wine has to start meeting new people.

There’s nothing wrong with sparking a little conversation and perhaps having a bit of a giggle about what you’re working on. The classes are all in good fun and they encourage you to be as social as you want to be.

There is one rule to follow when it comes to talking.

Don’t do it when the teacher is trying to show the class something. That’s just basic etiquette. People still want to learn a little something from the class and they can’t if you get a little bit too loud at the wrong times.

The Final Word

The unspoken bond between art and Italian wine has now been thrust out into the open. Drink and Draw offersyou the chance to do exactly what it says – enjoy some wine while expressing yourself artistically.

Check online to find out if there are any events near you. And remember, there may be smaller events that are a touch harder to find.

Just keep it loose and go to enjoy yourself. The skills will come but the focus is on the event itself.


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