Why Autumn Is The Perfect Season For Wine Lovers

So autumn is well and truly upon us. The leaves have started to change and the weather is getting a little cooler. Granted, this means that the joy and energy of the summer is slipping away, but it is being replaced by the beautiful colours and cosiness of a season that is more important to the world of Italian wine that many know.

There are any reasons why the autumn is the perfect season for those with a predilection towards the finest vintages that Italy has to offer, so let’s dive right in and find out what they are.

It’s The Harvest

The harvest is one of the most important periods in the winemaker’s calendar. It is during this time that they finally have the opportunity to reap the rewards of their labours over the previous season and can pick the grapes that they have worked so hard to cultivate. Over time, these grapes will be used to create some truly amazing wines that producers can take pride in and drinkers can enjoy for years to come.

Better yet, the harvest offers ample opportunity for visitors to Italy to experience a completely different side of the country. With the rush of the tourist season that is brought on by the arrival of summer coming to an end, travellers have the opportunity to discover more of what makes Italy, and as importantly the country’s wine industry, tick.

Harvest festivals will be held all over the country and those who want to learn a little more about the wines they love and the techniques used to create them will have the opportunity to see the harvest in action. This allows them to be a part of the process that results in the creation of vintages that truly love and many producers will be more than happy to talk at length about the efforts they have made to bring their wines to life.

It’s The Perfect Season For Dinner Parties

The dinner party tends to fall out of favour a little but in the summer, especially outside of Italy when people are more akin to enjoy warm evenings surrounded by friends in a beer garden or spend their days cooking on a barbeque while enjoying the summer sunshine.

However, as the temperature starts to dip more and more people head indoors to enjoy the more simple comforts of home. This makes the autumn the perfect setting for a dinner party. Amazing food can be served alongside a stunning selection of red wines, all of which can be enjoyed in the warmth of your own home.

There is also a certain romanticism attached to the autumn that makes the season the perfect backdrop for such parties. Your guests can enjoy a fine meal with plenty of wine before heading outside to take in the evening views with a glass of wine in their hands. It makes for the perfect ending to a stunning party that will be remembered fondly for many years to come.

The Wine Calendar Is Buzzing

We touched upon the many events that are relevant to wine lovers above, but they are most certainly worth expanding upon. The country of Italy will be abuzz with special festivals to celebrate not only the harvest but the wonderful foods and drinks that it produces. This gives those with a passion for wine the opportunity to explore different cultures, foods and drinks in ways they never previously thought possible.

There are few things more satisfying to a wine lover than to take in all of the festivities that such occasions are known for, while also sampling the latest offerings from the companies that have helped build the wine industry over the years. Producers are justifiably proud of their work and many will be more than happy to speak to you about what goes into the making of each of their wines.

Better yet, there are also a number of festivals held at this time of the year that are dedicated solely to food and wine, rather than the more general subject of the harvest. This are ideal occasions for those who really want to dig deep into the industry and discover things that they never knew before about Italian wine, food and the people who make it all possible.

Sharing With Others

Autumn is the perfect time to get together with others and share in the change of the season. Perhaps you would like to enjoy a glass of wine or two while watching the changing of the colours of the leaves, or maybe you prefer to take our previous advice about holding a dinner party. Regardless of your choice, there is something special about this season that brings people together and makes the want to spend more time with each other.

The season is also capable of creating moments of pure beauty, which is sure to appeal to the romantic in many of our readers. Can you imagine anything more passionate than sharing a glass of wine with the person you love most in the world while taking in everything that autumn has to offer?

Who knows, perhaps the love of your life may even choose the season to pop the big question, making the seasons even more special for reasons you had never even anticipated.

The Final Word

Autumn is a special time of year for so many reasons, but it holds a particularly special place in the hearts of millions of wine lovers around the world. Whereas spring is considered the period of rebirth for Mother Nature, autumn is when some of the latest and greatest vintages will take their first steps towards tantalising the senses and making impressions on wine lovers the world over.

So with autumn already underway we hope that you will join with us in appreciating just how important this season is to the wine industry and make the most of one of the most beautiful and enchanting times of the year with a nice glass of Italian wine.



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