The Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump – What is it and Why Should You Get One

You bring the Italian wine bottle to the sink.

You don’t want to do what you know needs to be done. But the bottle has been open for over a week now and the wine just isn’t what it used to be. The rich flavours you enjoyed a week ago have been replaced by a sharpness that makes the wine impossible to drink.

Slowly, you reach for the bottle.

You give it one last forlorn look, your heart filled with longing for the drink that it used to be. But you know it will never be that drink again. Finally, you bring yourself to tilt the bottle and pour. The wine disappears in the blink of an eye and you’re left lamenting the loss of yet another wine that you left open for a little too long without drinking it.

We know your pain.

Few things break out hearts more than a quality Italian wine having to go to waste because it has gone off.

Thankfully, you have an opportunity to rewrite this sad tale. With the Pulltex Black Winesaver Vacuum Pump, you have access to a wine accessory that can preserve your wine for longer, allowing you to enjoy the entire bottle rather than having to pour the leftovers down the sink.

But what is a vacuum pump? And why should you invest your hard-earned money into buying one?

We explain everything in this article.

What is a Wine Vacuum Pump?

A wine vacuum pump has a simple purpose. It is used to replace the cork or screw top on your bottle of wine. Once applied, the pump removes all of the air out of the wine bottle, creating a vacuum for the leftover wine to sit in.

Why is that important?

Wine, like any liquid, is essentially a chemical. When it is exposed to air, oxygen reacts with the wine to change its complexion. When you first open a bottle of wine, this is not a bad thing. In fact, many will leave their Italian red wines to “decant” for a while, which means they pour them into a purpose-built container so that the reaction between wine and air can do its thing, resulting in the flavours of the wine becoming stronger.

Unfortunately, this exposure is not a perfect chemical reaction.

Leaving your wine exposed to air for too long leads to it losing all of its texture. The reaction keeps going, causing the flavours that were previously enriched by the air to become lost. In a short period of time, the wine will go off, taking on a vinegar-like taste that isn’t pleasant when drunk.

So, a vacuum pump is essentially a wine bottle stopper that prevents the air from reacting further with your opened bottles of wine once you place them back into storage.

Does a Vacuum Pump Preserve Wine Forever?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

The very act of opening a bottle of wine exposes the drink to oxygen. Even if you use a vacuum pump to suck all of the air out of a bottle, that initial exposure still creates a chemical reaction that slowly lowers the quality of the wine after the opening period in which the exposure enhances the wine.

So, a vacuum pump is not a way to return your Italian wine to its original state.

Instead, the pump ensures no more oxygen can get into the wine, thus allowing you to preserve it for longer. They exist so that you can get a little more longevity out of your bottle of wine. With a good vacuum pump, you may be able to store an opened bottle for an extra week or two before you finally have to get rid of it. But that extra bit of time is often more than enough for you to be able to finish the bottle before the wine loses its quality.

What is the Chief Benefit of Using a Vacuum Pump?

We mentioned preservation earlier.

That is the main reason you should use a vacuum pump. The device preserves both the taste and aroma of your Italian wine for much longer than it would be preserved if you simply screwed the top back on or tried to force the cork back into the wine.

The aroma is an interesting point here.

We spoke about the chemical reaction between oxygen and wine gradually changing the complexion of the wine. But what is also important to note here is that it’s oxygen that makes it possible for you to smell your wine. And as any wine lover will tell you, taking in the bouquet is an important part of the all-encompassing sensory experience that is drinking Italian wine. Without an aroma, you’re losing a crucial aspect of what makes drinking wine so enjoyable.

But much like overexposure to oxygen changes the taste of a wine, so too does it change the aroma. With a vacuum pump, you’re able to preserve both the wine and its bouquet, allowing you to continue the enjoy the full experience of drinking your Italian wine.

Another minor benefit comes from the fact that a vacuum pump allows you to reseal a bottle of wine in the first place. Of course, bottles with screw tops are easy to seal. But have you ever tried to force a cork back into a bottle? It’s not an easy thing to do. And even if you do manage to get the cork back in, there’s always the possibility of a fragment of the cork breaking off and falling into the wine.

The result is that the wine gets ruined.

Vacuum pumps allow you to reseal wines that would otherwise be difficult to seal.

Where Can You Get a Vacuum Pump?

That’s where we come in.

Made by Pulltex, our stylish black pump attaches easily to your bottle of wine, with no fuss or messing around. Just fit it onto the bottle and store it with a solution that stands as one of the best on the market.

If you want to learn more, check out the Pulltex Winesaver Vacuum Pump here.


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