The busker:  the first brand in the world that offers a complete irish whiskey experience… With a unique and disrupting character and an italian touch!

Authentic, true, Irish down to the last drop. Yet so cosmopolitan and visionary, capable of combining tradition with contemporaneity, in its clean and essential graphics, in the technical lines that define its innovative bottle. The Busker enters the scene immediately enjoying unprecedented success, receiving particular appreciation overseas, and being awarded in the Los Angeles Spirits Awards 2020. Specifically: The Busker Single Malt gets the Platinum medal for best Irish whiskey ever, followed by the The Busker Triple Cask, Triple Smooth and by The busker Pot Still both praised with the Gold medal and finally the Busker Single Grain with the Silver Medal. In 2021, The Busker continues to thrill audiences and connoisseurs, obtaining the title of “Best Buy” in the Irish whiskey category, securing a valuable position in one of the most authoritative guides in the world of Wine Enthusiast. 94/100, an excellent result that has surpassed that achieved by brands that have always had a leading position in the market. A recognition that manifests the absolute certified quality of The Busker.


The entire whiskey range of The Busker is produced entirely in Royal Oak, a distillery proudly located on an 18th century estate in South East Ireland in the County of Carlow, owned by the Illva Saronno group and flagship in the world of whiskey Irish distilleries. The Busker is the result of the many years of experience persue by Royal Oak’s master distillers, and of a management team of excellence recognized by “Icons of whiskey” in 2021 with the awards of Best Distillery Manager and Best Visitor Attraction Mananger. Master Blender, John Ramsay and Distillery Manager, Lisa Ryan together have a total of 55 years of experience in creating premium spirits. Lisa Ryan has a great focus on choosing high quality ingredients and a formidable eye for innovation. While, John as a member of the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy, has extensive experience having been the Master Blender for some of the most respected, award-winning and respected whiskeys in the world.

The Busker carries an indissoluble bond with its homeland without hiding the ambitions of a true free spirit, young and enterprising, able to discover new frontiers in taste, to explore trends and, present himself, with the frank determination that distinguishes itself, in its four references capable of satisfying the tastes of all true Irish whiskey connoisseurs: the “Triple Cask Triple Smooth” blend (40%) with a full, rich, soft and seductive taste, suitable for all Irish lovers whiskey; the Single Collection (44.3%), consisting of 3 classic whiskeys (Single Grain, Single malt, Single Pot still) historically prodeced in Ireland, for a complete tasting experience. The Busker, Irish down to the last drop, meets the ancient scents of Marsala Florio, giving its Triple Cask Triple Smooth and its Single Grain unique sensory connotations thanks to the use of carefully hand-selected Marsala FLORIO barrels (1833), for the aging and refinement of the two whiskeys.


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