The British Royal Family and Italian Wine

As those within the wine industry already know, Britain is one of the largest importers of Italian wine in the world, with Prosecco in particularly proving extremely popular in recent years. The British have enjoyed a love affair with wine for many years, supplementing the few wines that are produced directly in the country with others from all over the world. The industries in Italy, France, Spain and New Zealand all count Britain as one of its biggest buyers, making them a valued part of the wine industry as a whole, especially as British tastes have evolved and the internet has made wines from all over the world more accessible.

This love for Italian wine is shared by the British Royal Family, which spends tens of millions of pounds every year importing wine from all over the world. This wine serves a purpose beyond the mere entertainment of the Royals themselves however, as it is often served to visiting dignitaries and world leaders. All told, the Royal Family hosts somewhere in the region of 300 events per year that require a healthy stock of wine, making them one of the biggest purchasers of wine on an island nation that is already well-known for its appetite for wine.

In fact, the British Royal Family’s love of Italian wine surpasses even its actual appetite for it. Prince Charles, in particular, enjoys wine for reasons other than the taste. The prince has converted his Aston Martin vehicle so that it can be entirely powered by biofuel. In essence, his car can now be run using wine, a move that he decided to make after the British wine industry created a surplus that it could not sell.

So as you can see, the British Royal Family’s love affair with wine is both far-reaching and varied. With that in mind, we have decided to pick out a couple of wine varieties that we are sure the Royals would love to serve, both amongst themselves and to their guests.


We are sure that the Royal Family loves Prosecco just as much as the British public does, but that doesn’t change the fact that Champagne is considered to be the sparkling white wine of choice for the events that they host. This is by no means a bad thing, as Champagne is rightfully recognized as one of the best sparkling white wines in the world, however, we would love to see the Royals engage in a little bit of a change of pace and start serving Prosecco at some of their functions. A good bottle of Prosecco is capable of rivalling anything that is produced in the Champagne region, plus we imagine that a refreshing glass or two could be just the ticket for certain members of the Royal Family to relax after a stressful day.


One of the most respected red wines in Italian history would make for a perfect addition to any dinner table for the Royal Family, be it during a private meal or when entertaining dignitaries with a lavish feast. Best served with rich red meats, Barolo has long been recognized as one of the best varieties of wine to ever emerge from Italy. If you need any more reason as to why Barolo should be suitable for the Royal Family, it is worth remember that this most ancient and wonderful of Italian reds has long carried the moniker of “the king of wines and the wine of kings.” If nothing else, this should be reason enough for the royal family to add a bottle of Barolo or two to the collection.


Sicily has always had a reputation for producing stunning wines, so that it is there that we turn for our next selection. Having already provided a couple of fine choices that cover red wines and sparkling whites, we have picked Frappato for its sweeter flavouring, which makes it ideal to serve alongside desserts. While it is unlikely to replace Port anytime soon as the dessert wine of choice, we believe that there are more than a couple of members of the Royal Family who would be more than happy to give this beautifully fruity wine a try. Light and juicy, while usually offering notes of strawberry and raspberry, the Frappato is ideal for almost any occasion, as long as it is not being mixed with foods that are so rich that they could overpower the wine.


Perhaps one of the most famous wines in Italian history, both because of its history within the industry and its reputation in the film industry, Chianti is one of the oldest and most historic wines around, with a past that rivals that of the Royal Family itself in terms of longevity and enduring respect. A good bottle of Chianti, much like Barolo, will go well with any meal based around rich meats and the Royals would even have the choice between the more classical style of Chianti, which is made using techniques that are often centuries old, and the newer breed of Super Tuscans that were pioneered by the Antinori family back in the 1970s.


While perhaps best known as a French grape variety, there are many white wines produced in Italy that make use of this extremely versatile grape. Wines made using Chardonnay tend to be refreshing while also offering just a hint of complexity, which would likely prove ideal for many within the Royal Family. Many are also fairly cost-effective, making this an excellent wine choice for those large-scale functions where the Royal Family is expected to serve wine to many visitors. Better yet, there is so much variety within the Chardonnay distinction that there is always something new to experiment with.

The Final Word

So there you have it. Just a few wine and grape varieties that we believe the British Royal Family would love, if they don’t already. We are sure that there are plenty more that our customers could recommend, so why not let us know which wines you would choose for the Royal Family.